Jan. 7, 2023

new year’s resolution: art

Spent some time looking over my sketchbooks from 2021 and 2022, so here’s a late New Year’s resolution: I’m going to do more art this year.

  • More art related to whatever I’m doing currently. I like the quasi-journal nature of my sketchbook—raid diagrams and doodles, sketches inspired by whatever I’m playing or watching others play, random quotes from friends. Stuff like my chronicle of our Pathfinder campaign, or my tribute to BEAR, or my drawing of Blighttown (Blobtown). This means more sketching in the moment instead of leaving my daily drawing to past midnight every night.
  • More drawings of my wolves and dragons. It’s nostalgic seeing different characters taking the spotlight at various times (here’s the OG Reckoning squad; here’s Astrika as a pup, and me designing her marks). Also, while I have a bunch of dragon doodles, I don’t think I have any art of my dragons, which won’t do.
  • More color. We love color. Even random shitpost drawings just pop when colored. Gonna bust out the colored pencils all over the place this year.

Written by Achaius

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