May 29, 2020

walked a decent amount today

8:05 AM (of Saturday, May 30th 2020)

Today is Friday, May 29th 2020. Can you believe that the month is almost over? Quite unbelievable how the days are going by so fast, although I suppose they're going slower than last year. Last year was very uneventfully for me.

Before Work

Today I woke up, did some work on my projects before work. I kinda stopped only after probably 30 minutes of working on my project, I just did not feel like going on for a longer period. I was pretty hungry, I cooked up some beans and rice and watched some videos or read some articles before work started.

About Sleep Last Night

I only got 5 hours or so of sleep last night, really need to sleep earlier as I can't seem to get myself waking up pass 8 AM. I don't know. The most sleep I usually get is 7 hours, I feel completely fine with 6 hours, but studies show 8 hours is best and most productive. I want to sleep longer, I just seemingly always wake up after 6-7 hours. Actually I never sleep before 11 PM, and 11 PM is the earliest time I sleep and is a rarity, often I sleep at 1-2 AM at night. MAYBE that's the reason. I need to try sleeping much earlier too.

There wasn't any homework due, and it was a Friday, so I wasn't worried about much, just looking forward to the weekend.


Work was alright. I got both new items done which I talked about yesterday, and one extra item done. However, there was a fourth item I was not able to complete, and before the day was over I was assigned another new item, more troublesome than the previous item. At least I'm getting a weekend break from all the work so far.


After work I just browsed the Internet for a bit. It was at like 7:50 PM I went out on a drive, and then by around 8:10 PM I was walking around outside, mostly in circles around the neighborhood. There wasn't anything stressful I was thinking about unlike yesterday, so nothing really bothered me. I still walked for over an hour I think, and I took around 8000 steps.

Night Activities

I did only work at night. There was a lot of reading and other kinds of work that I did. No entertainment at all. I fell asleep at around 2 AM.

Written by JustMegawatt

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