Jan. 9, 2023

with each bite does your sanity die

“It’s like evil Pringles,” said numbers. “Once you pop, you can’t stop popping…but your sanity dies…or something.”

We’re back to progging Agdistis. I’ve been frustrated because it feels like everyone else knows what they’re doing, while I’m always slow to catch on and dragging down the team. After today’s raid I realized that’s literally the case, but for reasonable reasons. Kan cleared this content on release. HGR, newbie, and Dante cleared long ago with GGG. numbers is new to the duty, but he’s our chief strategist—he studies the videos and comes up with all our diagrams/plans, so of course he knows what we’re doing. That leaves Luis (who studies party finder strats on the sly), KJH, and me.

We’re slowly improving on Inviolate Purgation, the quad stack/spread mechanic. I understand it conceptually, but it takes me too long to suss out okay, I’ve got a red III. Red = spread, so I’m stacking for phases I and II. Stack is always A or B, and the dog was on A, which means— by that point I’m late to the stack and my donut aftershock fucks everyone up. However, KJH (by default, the second-to-last person to understand every mechanic due to our party configuration) gets it, and he’s faster on the uptake than me, so he calls out “dps to B” and I go to B and all is well. MECHANIC RESOLVED.

After getting through purgation, we saw a 27% enrage (literally the scam of the century). Guess it’s time to start studying the post-purgation mechanics. There are a lot of animals and a lot of tethers and my mind just glazes solid when trying to memorize these diagrams. I think the whole triangle-circle formation is harder to get my mind around than a good honest square grid. Then again, I’m not exactly killing it when it comes to Hegemone’s mechanics, so idk.

Written by Achaius

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