Jan. 15, 2023

Fasting Day 2

11:57 PM

Today is my second day fasting. Yesterday was my first day fasting and I picked up AJN again so we could fast together. I only made it to day two now because she's with me and also fasting and we keep each other accountable to not eat anything.

I am so freaking hungry though.

Today I just woke up and watched some anime, got on Twitter for a bit. Then we went out to Marshall's to get something I could add to water or something for flavor. I mean okay these have some calories, but whatever. It's an alternative to fully eating. So we got some teas, miso broth, a gummy supplement that I don't need to take but it's something low calorie and I can chew on. I don't know, we got some random stuff. I also bought some glass mugs and a bento box and some containers for the lentils and brown rice.

The rest of the day I just chilled at home. I chat with some friends online. Oh yeah the latest song I've been working on is sort of completed. The singer sent me her completed vocals yesterday and I sent them off to the producer yesterday too. I cropped it and sent it to Wahl.

I am so freaking sleepy. I don't feel like doing anything. Good night.

Written by JustMegawatt

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