May 30, 2020

Made a video and walked over 20,000 steps today

11:01 PM


Today has been a pretty good day. I made a new video in the morning about my weight loss progress losing 5 pounds in 20 days, and I put the video up online. It's pretty decent progress.

Most Steps Walked Leaderboard

Afterwards I started up a top 10 most steps walked in a day leaderboard in the Walk the Walk guild. The only steps eligible were from today onward. So far just one person submitted their steps and it was around 16,000 steps for today.

Where to Walk

I ended up walking outside, I wanted to do 50,000 steps for the first time, and I went out wearing sandals. I didn't know in what area I would be walking, so I went to the most popular trail in the region. Here there were hundreds of cyclists, walkers, joggers, etc, a day. The majority people on this trail were cyclists, and roughly 95% of the cyclists there wore spandex and an entire attire of professional cycling gear. These guys spent $3000+ easily on the hobby of cycling, decent bikes themselves go or $2000+ alone these days. My own bike I bought for $500 back in 2013, there is just no way I can afford a $2000+ bike.

Anyway I went to this area and it was packed. There was a guy in spandex that said ironman on his shirt and pants and he looked like he had $10,000+ worth of gear, I was so intimidated for sure. I actually went in, saw so many people the first time, like 30+ people in the parking lot, got scared I would catch the virus, turned around and went home. When I got home, I was like, what am I doing? I should just go.

So I drove back to the parking lot, keep in mind it's pretty far from home, like 20 minutes away. This second time I was in here is when I saw the Ironman guy, and I was so intimidated. He wasn't there the first time around, but this second time he was there, and so I left the parking lot again feeling scared. I went back a third time after like 5-10 minutes of driving and changing my mind again, and I finally parked and just started walking.


I was wearing a shirt that said Powered by Plants on the front and back, I was wearing shorts and sandals, a surgical face mask (not n95) and I was planning on walking 50,000 steps. I walked for many miles, probably 5 miles in one direction before turning around. It was not a short distance at all, I walked through many many many sights and locations, there were probably 500+ people that I encountered on the trails today. I noticed a lot of people reading my shirt too, I hope it left an imprint on them.


Overall I felt in above average health. I passed by both people older and younger, there were cyclists, walkers, joggers, runners, etc. At first I was feeling so intimidated that this would not be a fun place for me to walk, but it became fun as I walked and encountered people. I felt in above average health because I passed by every single walker I encountered, it didn't matter if they were like a mile or so ahead of me, I eventually caught up and overtook them, both old and young, people walking with others or by themselves. No I wasn't even trying that hard either, I was just walking normally and I overtook people.

The only people that passed me were the joggers and people on bikes. Heck I even overtook some cyclists because they would sometimes stop and take a break. I walked from 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM, which is 4 hours, but my phone step tracker only says I walked for like 2 hours or something, which is incorrect. I was outside in the sun, the sun was burning hot too, for 4 hours straight. There was only one person that kept up with me the whole time and possibly even longer, and that was a young woman, probably 20, walking her dog. She walked such a long distance I think, possibly walking at least 80% of the distance I traveled.

Someone Caught Up To Me?

I noticed her when I took a sightseeing break at this canal or artificial river, or whatever. It was like a mini-dam or something. There was a concrete bridge, some small holes at the bottom, and water went in one side and out the other. I took a break there since I wanted to check this place out, and I just looked at the different sights and structures here. I played around in the mini-dam for a bit, going down the steep little wall and climbing it. I really don't know how to describe this structure. There were some random artistic square pillars too that had no reason to be there, and hidden areas and paths.

After I was done checking this place out, I hopped back onto the path, but I first had to look left and right to see if it was clear for me to enter. That's when I first saw her in a white tank top, walking her dog. It really caught me off-guard because I did not pass anyone like her, where did she come from? It could be she entered from some other entrance to this path, there's hundreds of them, but I just stupidly assumed she started at the same location I did and was now where I was. Anyway I was so blown away another walker reached me because I left all the other walkers in the dust supposedly. After rejoining the path, I kept on walking for another 3-4 miles, like it was a very long distance.

Break in a Park

I encountered a sign that said Restrooms and Water that way > and I was like, cool, let me check this place out. I entered this park area, there were people in picnics on the grass, some people doing yoga on the grass, people sitting underneath trees. Lots of cyclists on the benches taking a break with their bike. Cool, this was a popular break hub I thought. Anyway I kept walking for a while trying to look for the bathrooms or water, and could not find anything. There was none of that here. I did find a new place to park my car though as a starting point to enter this trail.

I was like, okay, these guys are chilling on the grass, I'm going to take a break here too. I found a bunch in the middle of a grass field away from everyone, and I just lied down for like 5-10 minutes. I browsed my phone the entire time, I tried to close my eyes and just take a nap or something, but it was not possible with the sun so bright. So I got up after a while and started walking out again. There were no bathrooms or water here, so I just kept on going.

Looking for a convenience store

Less than a minute later and I'm now in this new city to which I don't know its name nor have been to before. I exited the trail and went inside this city looking for a 7-11 so I could buy some water or a drink or something, I had walked 5 miles already at this point, my step counter said I walked like 10k steps or so which is 5 miles. I walked around the city for a while, and I even opened up my GPS on my phone.

I took a few minutes standing there just trying to figure my GPS out. It said the nearest 7-11 was 23 miles away which to me didn't make sense, and so I tried gas stations, etc, it kept saying everything was 23 miles away. Yeah I was not going to walk that. Anyway I already walked for 15 minutes straight inside this city before deciding to turn around, and W.T.F. when I turned around, guess who it was? It was the woman walking her dog again. Where the heck did this person come from? I took a 5-10 minute break in a park, and then I took a random exit into a city, and then I went in a random direction. And then behind me, this person walking their dog. As I was exiting that park earlier, I made sure to look both left and right, and I could see a quarter mile (which is a very far distance) to where I originally came from, and there was no one there.

How did this person walk 4-5 miles with me, catch up to me again, and made all the turns I did? It blew my mind. I thought she was pretty attractive though, I didn't see her that well until we both crossed a street, at the same time going in opposite directions. Anyway I kept my 6 feet and more distance away though, I kept away from almost everyone I encountered.

There were people though who got really close to me for no reason, cyclists so close they were basically kissing my butt for several seconds behind me and I have no idea why, were they reading my shirt? Oh, I did this to some walkers too, I was waiting for a time I could go to the left lane and pass them safely, because they were one of the walkers that I caught up to and overtook, but there were too many cyclists going in the opposite direction and behind me and taking up the left lane, so I didn't, I just walked behind these people really closely for like 2+ minutes while I tried to pass but had to wait until I could, it must've been really weird to them too.

Gas Station and Way Back Home

Anyway in the city I did find a random gas station that my GPS didn't pick up (I think it was malfunctioning), and I bought a drink and drank it outside before continuing my walk. I got really tired of walking at that point, and just wanted to get back home. I walked the entire way back. Near the end I was feeling really tired, and just wanted to get back in the car to drive home and eat some food and go to sleep or something. There were a lot of beautiful sights I saw on the walk back, the sun wasn't burning my skin anymore like it was in the afternoon. Staring into great distances and scenery,I realized several life truths as I walked back.

Drive Home and Most Full I Ever Felt

On my drive home I had a plan to walk more steps after taking a break. I felt tired of walking, but I could walk a lot more. I just needed to eat some food since I didn't eat anything except breakfast, and I also wanted to drink some water or preferably juice, and then just take a break before going back out again. Well after I ate, I ended up eating so much food that I just felt so full, like literally my stomach was about to burst. This was the fullest I have ever felt probably my entire life, I was so worried that I just lied down on my back and waited it out. I was so full that I wouldn't have been surprised if my body made me throw up. Plant foods with lots of fiber goes through digestion quickly, so I easily wanted to take a dump and clear most of it out around 2-3 hours later. I probably started eating at 5 PM and stopped eating at around 6:30 PM (I just kept going back in for more) and I lied on my stomach for a long time then I took a dump at 8 PM.

End of The Day

By that point though, I just didn't feel like going out anymore. It was dark outside already, or getting there. I didn't feel like walking anymore. I could have so easily added in another 10,000 steps though, because I would have just walked around my neighborhood several times like I normally did and get an additional 10k steps. It would have been really easy, but I just did not feel like it anymore.

After that I just spent my time on entertainment. Today was such a good day, one of the liveliest days I've had in a really long time.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On May 31, 2020

Wow, 20.000 steps, you're awesome! The last time I stepped that much was when I toured the city of Sydney about 2 years ago * lol *
What you are doing motivates me. I plan to raise the target from 3,000 steps to 5,000 steps while at home, wish me luck!

Posted On Jun 01, 2020

@Purpeisme Oh yeah 20,000 steps was definitely some effort. It was 4 hours out in the sun, practically walking the entire time. I had some sore feet when I sat down in the car again for the first time in forever yesterday. No sore feet today anymore, but you definitely have to go out of your way most of the time to get 20,000 steps. 5000 steps at home is the perfect difficulty, good luck!

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