Jan. 23, 2023

Monday 23/01/23 entry

8:07 I coloured the pre-remodel Penny andI States colouring the post-remodel Penny. I believe it'll turn out well!

8:34 I hear that my irl friend posted a Tiktok that got a lot of hate. I need to check that later.

8:51 It was about his new haircut

10:03 I have a lot to do. I hope I'll have enough time to do that after school. I shouldn't waste time.

12:47 Today in the psychology class we learned about learning by observing and I have an example of how I learn social skills from other people, using my friend as an example and giving him a compliment saying that I learned how to be calmer from him

14:44 I feel like a bad person. It's kinda personal and hard to explain, but I was very angry with said friend I feel like I shouldn't have been, but he apologized and I think he genuinely thinks it's his fault. I sent him a message with an apology.

16:28 He accepted my apology and apologised back. I'm still hurt by his behaviour, so I listed why I'm mad at him given that a big part of it is indeed his fault. I shouldn't have lost my cool though, that's for sure, I'll try to resolve that in a more peaceful manner.

18:32 I just noticed that I wrote "s*icidal skills" instead of social skills in an entry due to the fact that I literally write by sliding my finger across the phone keyboard, so stupid typos like this happen.

Written by Willowdere

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