May 31, 2020

Do you share your vulnerabilities with others? Why or why not?

Yes and no.


The sharing of an occasional vulnerability allows for people who are close to you, to understand you better than say, an acquaintance or a co-worker. Sometimes, it's actually critical that they know about your vulnerabilities. In my case, I would be referring to my physical vulnerabilities - food allergies. The people in the office are like a family, sometimes one of us would have a weekend bake-off or have simply cooked one too many extra servings and then bring it over to the office for sharing. If it contains nuts or berries, it would be really bad if I ate it. If no one knew I had severe food allergies, they might think I was weird or even snobbish for not taking up any of their offers.


Everyone is mean to someone at some point in their life. Using the other party's vulnerable points is the most common way to get at them. And sometimes, you just got to win that argument or be proven right. I am thinking about this particular family I would sometimes bump into after Sunday mass. They had only 2 kids before the wife could no longer conceive. So naturally, these two kids were the world to them. And the kids knowing that, would love to "muscle" their way around their parents to get whatever they want. Don't get me wrong, they're good kids and being kids, they would always try their luck at getting more pizza takeaways, candies and chocolates (generally the small stuff, no where near the more problematic issues like petty theft or skipping out on school).

Well now. This is the last entry of the 7 days journey writing challenge hosted by @Justmegawatt . I have enjoyed single day of my journaling and thank you to all who have visited and commented on my entries. It helped made me think through the entries I have written and allowed me to explore different styles of writing with different topics. Having the readers' feedback, both good and bad, is a crucial part of anyone who is aspiring to be a good writer and being able to handle the critiques in a matured manner is also an important part of being a good writer.

I would continue to write more entries here but it would be more of a weekly basis. There is a website ( that has letter requests posted every month. A random person sends in a letter request on that website, describing the scenario that the letter recipient is in and to ask for letters of encouragement to help tide the recipient through their dark times. If you are willing and able to be that lamp that shines light in that person's dark times, please do pick up a pen, some paper, envelope and postage stamps and start writing. I would encourage anyone who reads my entry to check that website out. I am not the owner of that website, I do not know the owner either. I'm only sharing this because I would be writing to the letter requests myself with the hopes that I too, can contribute in bringing some hope and comfort to those who need it.

Once again, thank you all for your time in reading my entries and commenting on them! :)

Written by Seraphim

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