May 31, 2020

Thank you, May

I just realized that weekends are difficult days to complete my target day. Because household routines, meal preps, and so on. Children will require far more attention. Hopefully I can soon find a way to better manage my time on weekends to stay productive.

I also get angry easily when I'm too tired, and today I'm angry at someone. And I'm even more upset because that person doesn't realize what makes me angry. I'm just going to sleep, hopefully tomorrow my mood will get better. Err, actually, when i started writing the journal, it helped calm my anger :D

In this month, I learned and tried to reorganize my life, my goals and make peace with everything that had passed. I started using Habitica and did the journal writing, which helped me get through the day better.

Thank you, May!

Written by purpeisme

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Posted On Jun 01, 2020

Weekends are the only free days for me... No work on those days so I'm free to do whatever.

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