Jan. 24, 2023


giga yikes, my computer just died out of nowhere

It was working fine all day. I had a late afternoon nap, made dinner, sat down at the computer table to eat, and discovered the computer was off and wouldn’t turn back on. Cycling the power worked temporarily (computer turned on, no error messages, I opened Discord and Firefox, everything seemed normal), but then I stepped out to take out the trash and came back to find it was off again. This time, it wouldn’t turn back on no matter what.

We think it’s most likely a power supply issue. When I first noticed it was off, there was some residual power—the power light was blinking, the fans were turning intermittently—but that has stopped. Mega rip.

“So, random question,” said Dante. “Assuming we knew 100% that it was a faulty PSU, and decided to replace it, are you comfortable opening it and doing it?”


“Yeah, that’s what I suspected.”

“Do I need to fly over?” said newbie.

I’m down for that. Condo party!

At least it’s just my gaming computer that died. I do all my work stuff on my jank laptop, and those files are backed up in multiple locations including my office computer. Other important data is backed up too. So it’s mostly fine, just sucks.

Written by Achaius

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