Jan. 24, 2023

Fasting Day 11, Went To Book Publishing Event

11:51 PM

Today was a day. So technically I haven't really been "fasting" because I've been eating some calories every now and then, but under 200 calories a day. Like I would have some sweetened drinks or vegan gummies that have some calories. AJN even said I could have some dates which is a dried fruit and that has calories too. But everything was under 200 calories if that's any excuse. It's mostly fasting if anything. Last year was a full on fast though, but this year I think it's close enough.

Anyway I took this photo of myself this morning. Fasting and weight loss really improved my appearance. I still have a lot of fat though, I have a belly, and I have fat thighs. I am not ripped nor do I have six pack abs or anything. Wahl does. Wahl is extremely fit and extremely attractive. I really want to be with her still.

I posted this photo on Twitter and I got complimented pretty well on it by one person in a private message. I set it as my Facebook profile photo and I got 40 likes on it so far. Yeah this one photo looks cool, but I don't think I am that attractive or hot overall. But there are some girls that do like me. I don't really care though, I just want Wahl to like me.

I'm kinda really tired hence why my writing is probably crap. I haven't eaten anything basically in 11 days. Technically I did eat every now and then, but barely anything. I'm talking like 1 date for breakfast, 1 date for lunch, 1 date for dinner. 1 date is 20 calories and that's all I'd eat the entire day. I burn more calories in an hour doing nothing than all those dates I ate in a full day of eating.

I sort of cleaned out the garden today. I left some flowers because there were a lot of bees going up to them, but I got all the other plants basically. I'm so hungry.

Then we went to this book publishing event. The place was fancy. There were a lot of wealthy people there. I learned how to publish a book and stuff like how to become a NYT bestseller and stuff like that. I signed up for the follow up thing they wanted after that.

Oh yeah AJN has been with me this whole time too. She went with me to the book publishing event and she was the one that got the invitation and sent it to me. We went through some drama and stuff again today.

I am just tired. I am so sleepy. And so hungry. And I can't even eat anything. Not until Friday.

Oh, of course, I did some work today too. That was alright. Most of the time though I slept or watched anime or read manga or browsed Twitter.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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