May 31, 2020

a computer full of sound and fury, signifying nothing

newbie's computer woes continued throughout the week. On Tuesday, he developed an action plan: he was going to buy a new case and hope it fixed the problem. In the meantime, he said, "Priority number one here is, I shit you not, going to be getting aim trainer working on my old-ass laptop." This guy is very serious about his workout regimen. Can't be losing gainz because of a small thing like computer failure.

He reported back later that evening, saying, "I have discovered the most miserable thing in the world: Aim training at a non-constant sub-30 FPS setup." Poor newbie.

By Wednesday, things managed to get worse, as newbie announced: "Well, laptop may also be dying."

"Everything you love is dying," Dante said.

"It really is," said newbie.

Unsurprisingly, newbie was out of commission for our weekly raid session. "I'm honestly not too torn up," Dante said. "I didn't hate not raiding this weekend, breaks are good."

HGR wasn't initially available for comment, since he's away on his cultivation journey to become the greatest Shop Titan in the land. But he later checked in to tell newbie, "God, what a shitty-ass time to break your computer."

newbie planned ahead and got Frey to sub for him, but Kan was MIA (no explanation, he just never answered the roll call and was offline all Sunday morning) (HGR: "Was there a coup in Argentina?") so we still couldn't raid. HGR ended up not minding too much. There's a double surcharge event in Shop Titans this weekend. The event profits boosted him to #40 on the regional leaderboard.

Also, late Sunday afternoon, newbie finally fixed his computer. ~fanfare~ Get hyped for raid next week?

Written by Achaius

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Posted On Jun 01, 2020

Nice novel-like writing style, I like the title of your entry today. Back in 2004 (yes it came out in 2004) I played WoW on a computer that had 256mb ram, a 120gb hard drive, no graphics card, idk the CPU but it sucked, and dial up connection. Yup dial up! My ping was 2000+ constantly and the fps was under 3 at times. Literally screen would just be frozen, I'd press some buttons to do things, wouldn't see it for 5+ seconds. I got played like that until 2009 when I just quit the game. I did not get any new computers or anything until 2011.

Posted On Jun 01, 2020

@JustMegawatt Haha wow, I'm amazed you stuck with it so long under those conditions.

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