June 1, 2020

A little voice saying-

Hello, you and me, it's nice to meet you.

How was the weather today? Was it warm and sunny? or was it cold and gloomy?

It's warm now, and the sky is blue. I heard the birds chirping and saw the soft light peeking through my window.

Unfortunately, the world isn't going well. The pandemic is another thing, now future economic recession is coming and love has become cold. There are violence and injustice rising, and as if it never existed, it suddenly exploded in these past few days like an atomic bomb; leaving horrible side effects in the long run.

I don't know how the future will be. It almost seems comical to even be optimistic. Yet, regardless all of this, I will keep moving foward. I will keep living and get stronger. I will not succumb to the weakness of myself or humanity. I still believe we are capable of better things: although it may not be a voice strong enough for the world, but it is strong enough for me, hopefully for you.

Live. Grow. Equip. Love. We only have once chance at life.

Written by elvena_art

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