June 1, 2020

Back to journaling and BLM (Habitica challenge)

  1. I took a break from journaling and Habitica for the last several days. Took a break to refresh myself and hopefully I can be more productive now.

Seeing the news has been sickening, but at least it makes people want to fight for change, and that gives me hope. I know not everyone agrees, but black lives matter. The color of your skin should not be dictating whether you have a good life or not, but unfortunately, racism is still rampant in the US. As a person of color myself (I am asian American), I can’t side with racism, I must fight with BLM. I don’t want to get into this much in this post, but if I need to explain it to you, I will. The fact that so much misinformation and misunderstanding is being spread and the media is skewing and manipulating what is going on is disgusting. Racism is bad. White privilege exists. Many people in the government and police force are racist and corrupted. It’s hard to face this harsh truth. Everything has gotten so big, everyone is posting about it on social media, etc. I’m glad black lives matter is getting the attention it deserves. I hope it doesn’t just die out and get forgotten like the other times. I hope something exactly changes this time. I know that change won’t happen overnight. This issue is one deep rooted in America since the beginning of its history. It’s a human rights issue that’s been turned political.

I don’t understand people who don’t support the cause or try to make excuses or seem to lack sympathy and empathy for other human beings. I know a lot of people have been misinformed, but it’s hard to get the right information across to people who refuse to listen. A lot of the media has been portraying BLM as the bad guys. It’s simply just not true. Most protests, if not all, have begun peaceful. The protests only escalate to violence because the police start it. There are even undercover cops in some instances trying to initiate violence. I’ve seen the videos, they’re absolutely horrifying. I know people who have attended. Some of the looting that occurs are caused by white people, with some of them not even part of the cause but are rather using it for their own gain. There’s also a lot of good going on in the protests, like police supporting the protests, people helping each other, protests that remain peaceful and don’t escalate, but it’s unlikely that it’ll be covered in the news.

I know this is just a journal, but I’m posting this entry as public so I know at least someone will read this. If you don’t agree, I’m open to having a discussion, having arguments leads nowhere. If anyone needs it, I’ll post a link which lists ways you can help. Signing petitions, donating if you can, emailing/calling, spreading awareness, and learning and educating yourself if you know that there’s a lot you don’t know is important. Staying silent and neutral is not helping. I’ve seen it a lot, but saying all lives matter is not helpful no matter if you are well intentioned. All lives matter is a form of gaslighting, it is downplaying the discrimination and oppression blacks specifically have faced. We know that all lives matter, but the specific issue we need to attend to is for black people. We aren’t saying that all lives don’t matter. We aren’t saying that only black people matter. We aren’t saying other races haven’t faced oppression either. We aren’t saying that every single cop is bad, that only blacks are killed by cops and not other races too. We are simply saying that black lives matter too because so many people even today don’t believe that. We want justice.

I just wanted to get this off my chest. I’ve voiced my support in ways that I can. I want to make it clear that I’m not attacking anyone, I’m not trying to come off as aggressive, and if you find that I am, I don’t mind going back and changing my wording. If it makes you uncomfortable, then it should, racism should not be normalized. Simply put, the world feels crazy right now. I’ve taken the time the last few days to just read and watch everything go on and learn. Please take your time to learn as well, to talk to your family and friends if you can. It makes a difference.

It is also pride month now, so happy pride month to everyone.

Here’s the link for ways to help: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/

Much love to all of you <3

Written by ducknut

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