May 31, 2020

Bicycled with a friend and learned things

7:03 AM (of Monday, June 1st 2020)

Waking Up

Today is Sunday, May 31st 2020 and it's the last day of the month. Yesterday I walked over 20,000 steps, which was walking in the sun for 4 hours, and this morning I woke up sore in my butt area. Why my butt out of all the body parts I used yesterday? Good thing my feet stopped hurting, no weird rubbing/burning feeling on the bottom of my feet anymore unlike yesterday. Too much chaffing and rubbing from the constant walking yesterday I guess.

So I felt some soreness/tightness on my but and lower back, so I didn't do anything physically demanding that morning. It wasn't that bad, so that morning I actually texted a friend to see if he wanted to go biking at 3 PM today. I worked on some of my personal projects, browsed through the Internet for a while, and then I took a nap at around 1 PM, woke up at 2 PM. When I woke up that time, I woke up a little bit more sore and stiff, so I just drank a bunch of water and lemonade, my throat was feeling dry too.


3 PM passed by without my friend replying back, I remember being glad by that because I just woke up at 2 PM feeling stiff, drowsy, kinda sore, so I wouldn't have been ready to bicycle at 3. I spent some time on entertainment until 5 PM, I watched some South Park gameplay videos on YouTube and somehow I was no longer sore or feeling stiff at the end. I texted my friend if he wanted to go cycling at 6 PM, he said okay, and so I went to his house around 6 PM and brought my bike.


We went cycling for a few hours, from 6:30 PM until 9:30 PM. It was dark and nighttime by the time we finished, and we didn't do or go anywhere outstanding. We just bicycled around in his area which had no hard hills or anything challenging to endurance like that. Around 8:30 PM, not that I had a watch on me, we just started talking a lot more. We went to the middle of this park and just took a break there and started talking about everything, the economy, the riots, housing, etc.

Work Talk

I shared with him the responsibilities I had at my job, and holy F he was like, I was doing more work than anyone he knew. Am I some miracle worker? I handle several projects, completely different and separate projects, doing almost everything for each one of them. I could go in detail about how complex doing something like that is, especially when they use completely different everything. But yeah I would tell him how I'm juggling 5-6 tasks for 3-4 different projects at the same time, and I'm doing customer relations too, and how I would get interrupted working on one thing when an issue pops up with another project. And he was super shocked at my workload.

I thought my workload was normal up to this point. Anyway I don't want to go into too much detail regarding that.

Habitica Challenges

When I got home that night, I worked on closing off the Habitica challenges. I found a new Coronavirus video which I thought was super awesome, I updated the Corovirus challenge with that video. No I'm not a conspiracy theorist, just a traditional guy who looked at the logic behind the virus and how exactly we got it.


I went to sleep at around 1:30 AM (and I would wake up at around 6 AM from birds chirping, cars driving by, and other noises). Geez I need to sleep earlier.

Written by JustMegawatt

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