Feb. 20, 2020

2020/02/20 - Volleyball tournament + Catering


New update should be there today

Today we had catering at the volleyball Turnier. It felt like the end of teh day after two hours already, the crepes were sold out soon. It was nice and tasty.

I went to TK and we played Tabu extreme. It was so funny. How will you describe "peach skin" with Pantomime?



I was given the task to make crepes because Mr. Herbertz had to play in the teachers Volleyball team. I didn't want to being afraid of failing to do them. But they said i was good at it, making jokes if Theologia wouldn't work I could become a "Kirmesverkäufer".

Later I was assigned to be in the "Spülteam" with Lennart and Derya. We went to school and cleaned the cups. Sometime later we all could go. But the bus was full again so I stood until we were nearly in Rade. When I got out my feet hurt.

I have to write report so I'll ask the others for their thoughts, as they didn't answer yesterday. So I'll ask Andreas for results of the game. I know we didn't get far, but we missed two players who are good and had to borrow from other classes.

(31.05.2020): I had made a Crepe for MRS. Rogg and... Forgot to turn it around before putting topping into it... So I made a new one and ate the failed one later. Wasn't completely fried because of that, but still good.

Written by Plesi`

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