June 1, 2020

June 1, 2020 - A New Beginning

I am trying to start my new journal and new commitment to journaling.

Every day 20 years ago I would write in a journal. That stopped somewhere in 2001 or 2002. I greatly regret it.

I am now married with 2 kids and a 3rd expected. We live in Orlando. I'm originally from Boise, Idaho, USA and my wife is from Huangshi, Hubei, China.

This past weekend had as still at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic and my wife being pregnant with terrible cause of morning sickness, which lasts all day.

Yesterday we had our 9:30am online church service with Avalon Church and then met with our small group to catch up on how everyone is doing.

I finished washing the fence yesterday with a water pressurizer, and then decided to cut some of the big branches off our palm tree. I almost lost my life! I stupidly was using a chainsaw on a long pole to do this, and decided to cut a flower pod which I thought was empty. When empty, they are pretty light husks that just float to the ground when cut. Yet I stupidly cut a full one which weights like 40 pounds. After making the chain come off the chainsaw a few times trying to cut it, it came crashing down, right next to my head, hitting the a ball ornament on the fence, crushing it into many pieces. That could have been my head!

I stopped working then and went swimming with my kids. Cooked some burgers, chicken wings and hot dogs on the grill.

I started getting into a new app yesterday, Habitica, which lead me to also use ayearago.today. Hopefully I will be doing my habits better now by using RPG stats as an encouragement and reward.

Written by puzzler

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Posted On Jun 02, 2020

Oh yeah those logs and branches can weigh a lot, lethal if they fall on anyone.

Posted On Jun 02, 2020

Let me guess your part of the "Write a journal entry every day for a week! (June 1st thru June 10th, 2020)" Challenge also? That's how I got here from Habitica anyway.

Posted On Feb 03, 2021

@Lorien Yup, that's what brought me here, and then I forgot about it until now, haha.

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