Feb. 10, 2023

IB Countdown - 97 days

Ups I skipped yesterday, so no day 98... sorry... well honestly I don't care that much yet. Journaling has not really become an established thing in my routine yet. I would want it to be, but I guess that requires me to actually do it for a longer period of time. But I'm trying and that is what is important.

I am starting my winter break today! I'm so excited that I now have a full week where I don't have to commute for two hours every day. But I am going to miss my friends from school. I know that I am going to see them again soon, and that week keep in touch over social media.

My plan for the winter break is to get my exam components done and handed in, I really need to get that done now. I don't want to get into more trouble than I already am. And I need to make an overview for revision so that I don't get behind on that too...

I can't believe my two years in the IB DP are almost done. I remember the first day so clearly so many new faces and new surroundings. How scared I was of the first classes and now. It's all about to be over.

That was enough nostalgia for today.



Written by Marimus

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