Feb. 13, 2023

say goodnight

“you’re going to be as good as your corpse at not killing the party, probably” – high praise from HGR

After griefing the party for a couple weeks (due to visiting my brother one weekend and having a broken computer the next), I got my new computer up and running Friday night, so we’re BACK TO RAID.

Okay, I still did my share of griefing the party.

  1. I didn’t get to copy over my settings from the old computer. During our Hegemone reclear, I was trying to fix my targeting settings and accidentally selected a setting that prevented me from walking inside the boss’s targeting circle (why is this a thing??) thus wiping the party when I physically couldn’t get to the dps stack during the first exchange of agonies. It was wild.
  2. During purgation, I accidentally hit autorun and ran off the platform LMAO
  3. During a different run of purgation, I saw red II and very confidently went to the spread platform on the first cycle, and all the supports were like ACHAIUS GET OUT so I tried to correct and ended up dying smack in the center of the arena. rip everyone


I realize I haven’t overly described the Agdistis fight, except for longwinded asides on animal nomenclature. It’s a lot. There are three circular platforms arranged in a triangle, and bridges between them, and animals that spawn on the platforms/bridges and tether to different players. So you have to remember: If it’s the FIRST harvest, and you are tethered to a BULL, what do you do? (It depends on whether your bull is located close to or far away from the bait platform.) If it’s the THIRD harvest, and you are tethered to a BIRD, what do you do? (It depends on where your bird is located in relation to the bridge without a bull. Also, ARMS LENGTH)

Many diagrams have been drawn and redrawn and adjusted and discarded in the course of this fight. It’s an extremely galaxy brain fight. Big props to numbers who studies the vods and homebrews all our strats.

Anyway, on Saturday we got a 2% enrage, which sounds good until you consider we also got 2% on January 22, and the weekend before we got 2% and 0.7%. What I’m saying is, we’re overdue. We finally got the clear on Sunday (woo!!) and had about an hour left to prog Hephaistos.

“He looks so stupid!!” said HGR.

We’re going to be looking at this face for a while.

Written by Achaius

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