June 1, 2020

may gratitude

Time is sliding sideways. May's already over! Only a month until Artfight! Get hyped!

  1. ringing in the new month by getting back to drawing. sup bunnyboys
  2. making a new batch of navajo flatbread, v satisfying
  3. ART, what a bro
  4. thanks to my roommate for putting my lunch in the oven while I napped before raid. corn dog + chicken bites, classic raid food
  5. Hades EX defeated! o7 Emet-Selch we will Remember
  6. UPS guy came with my insurance documentation WHILE hgr was doing the survival card on his winning run of the Irisu fight. it's raining good things
  7. woke up early and played some rabi-ribi. used SECRET MOVEMENT TECH to get into an area I wasn't supposed to be in and beat a boss I wasn't supposed to meet. I am one of the cool kids now
  8. hit arena rank 427 with Seida/Leoniaz/King (my previous record was in the 800s). Leoniaz OHKOing the enemy Neun never gets old
  9. brownies!
  10. woop finished a preliminary draft of Kinney. prog son
  11. melanie WENT TO THE OFFICE and got my draft of devlin thanks!!
  13. perfect day: sunny, blue skies, crisp and cool and windy
  14. chocolate cinnamon pancakes!
  15. oh cool we have levels now. my journal is level 10
  16. another load of groceries from Mom and Dad! highlights: Korean BBQ sauce, Mom’s homemade ribs, chocolate cake, an industrial-sized tin of hot chocolate (Dad: "it was on sale"), and ofc lots of meat/fruits
  17. also I was wearing my mask wrong and Mom showed me how to fix it (there's a wireframe at the top you can mold to your face so it doesn't slip off your nose)
  18. RAID DAY ruby weapon EX defeated
  19. a chill but productive day. played a bunch of rabi-ribi (miriam is destroying me), finished the statement of facts, cooked a burger for lunch and potato blob for dinner, journaled, did orbonne with newbie
  20. Miriam defeated!! took HGR's advice and used an ATTACK build. defeated her at the end of her ougi while Miru was still out
  21. finished my work project (shortest project ever, nothing to see here) and we have no new ones so VACATION
  22. so I was writing up a long goodreads post. by habit, I hit ctrl-a-c before I hit post, and then the page crashed. it's okay! I had the whole post saved on my clipboard! habits pay off
  23. lucky friends! that's a lucky Psystrike Mewtwo for me and a lucky red Gyarados for my alt
  24. (it ended up being a one-and-a-half-day vacation, but hey! I'll take it! weekend tomorrow)
  25. let's appreciate just how fed my pogo alt is. in normal times, he spins two pokestops each weekday, at the mall with wi-fi on the way to work. he rations those pokeballs and makes them last. now he's rolling in resources from home
  26. shiny ziggy for my pogo alt!
  27. AND a wild scraggy for the alt. this boy on a roll
  28. taking a walk at 9 pm. (this is a quarantine novelty. normally I wouldn't go out after dark, my neighborhood isn't great. but I can go on my balcony anytime.) it rained all day and is still dripping now and the air feels so fresh.
  29. beat hgr's score in 1wall6targets lol
  30. also beat Rabi-Ribi on normal. blobs do it every day
  31. woke up at 9:30 am, rolled out of bed, and immediately CALL FROM BOSS. glad I was awake! (I should probably start sleeping/waking earlier haha)
  32. and she says I did a great job on Kinney woo
  33. finished my first real ISOMETRIC pixel art. cute pink corner shop
  34. it happened again: someone paid for a washing machine and then left it for the next person to come along (me). thanks bro
  35. also let's appreciate how much less laundry I have to do these days
  36. memento banner discount ticket: got Rebecca's swimsuit and Alma
  37. also my arena loss streak is OVER, Regulus Zain went five-for-five today
  38. kicking back on a Friday afternoon, drinking a hard root beer while working on the statement of facts. can't do this in the office
  39. KCF gave me hiveswap act 1 woo
  40. freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!
  41. einkorn's so hyper today, that's the fourth batch of berries he's brought me
  42. attack on titan, great stuff. just started season 2. [redacted] in the walls??
  43. seedot community day (lol): caught shinies on my alt and main within the first 10 minutes. well, great community day!
  44. (ok more seriously I caught six shinies on my main within 90 minutes so I stopped. also I got a shiftry to pair up with baelsar's wall for little league matches)
  45. memorial day!
  46. reached battle rank 4, finally got my Stunfisk. Bael doing good work out there
  47. Einkorn evolved into Conkeldurr! thanks to Niantic for a week of double buddy candy, plus remote raid passes for Timburr farming
  48. lmao these m3 mercs "captain scott mitchell" "mattias nilson" "captain price" (and they REALLY do the alphabet soup thing, like captain price can bring the M4A1 SOPMOD or the SCAR-H with the ACOG scope)
  49. night walk on my balcony with a torrential downpour outside. sticking out my hand to feel the rain
  50. slept early and woke up early and took a shower. I'm SO refreshed
  51. this Thai red curry ("blue elephant") is SO GOOD. I got it by coincidence (the curry paste I ordered was out of stock, so Wal-Mart substituted it) but I'm definitely getting it again
  52. productive day, felt good to be making progress even if it was mostly boilerplate
  53. yay the pogo quarantine bonuses got extended another month
  54. also OOF made it to rank 5 in little league!
  55. spent over an hour walking on the balcony today. super nice out and not too hot
  56. finished The Diviners today, which makes three books read this past week! good to be out of my reading slump

Written by Achaius

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