Feb. 21, 2023

Back to work.

I find it frustrating that I worked in an Urgent Care facility with homeless people throughout the peak of Covid, beginning to last year basically. I never got it. My husband through that same time, was working in janitorial services as a supervisor and a certified cleaner for full scale Covid cleanups in governmental offices in our city. He also stopped working there last year and never had Covid. Now he's home and I'm in a small office primarily by myself and now I get Covid. It was fairly mild but I think because there was no miserable point, its proving harder to get rid of. My lungs are still full of gunk, its still hard to breathe at times, I'm still getting tired very easily and the brain fog is fierce. I only have half the lights on at work because a headache kicks in so easily. I'm not contagious anymore so I'm here. We can't afford for me to take any more time off. I'm behind in my duties at work and also very bored at home.

Written by LittleChalupa

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