June 2, 2020




11:38: The Cosmos are growing well. We went shopping and there were butterfly candles so we bought them because mom has her birthday this week. But she really wanted to look into the bag so she saw them already, unfortunately. I also bought "Dahlien". I'll keep them here as long as it takes for one plant to survive. I previously planted one Cosmos seed into the small pumpkin vase, but that didn't work out it seems. So I'll put one Dahlien seed into it now and wait. When it finally grows someday than I can plant the rest of the seeds outside. Although, I kinda like the thought of having one pot with different kinds, like a small forest :3

But that's for another time. Oh I need to get water. I should do that first.

11:50: Okay I need to wait. My little brother loves to water plants but I don't need that right now. I want to plant the seed first. Mom makes pancakes, after lunch he'll go to bed.

12:48: Is it just me... or is this more pieces of wood than soil? I don't feel confident that the seed will grow well...

But I'll see if it does.

19:31: I practiced nearly an hour flute. Then I went on a walk to the playground and Penny with mom and my little brother. Only half an hour left before bedtime, huh... But tomorrow we'll finally have a Religion lesson. I wonder what we'll talk anout...

Actually, the HFA version I have would probably fit in my pocket. Should I swap it with the Gideo Version that I don't trust so much? Hmm... But then it won't be on my desk. Oh, there comes my lazyness... I still haven't asked Mrs. Schubert if we would get Bibles for the tests because, I mean, hey for German and English we also get dictionarys, for spanish we would get if the vocabulary part wouldn't be that strong, sooo.... Sure, for what do we need bibles. But whenever someone mentions a verse I WANT TO LOOK THAT UP! Even if it isn't important. Also I want to see the context.


Written by Plesi`

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