June 2, 2020

I drove to some nearby cities, didn't see any protests

7:50 AM

Alright I have to walk this morning. I'm going to walk for an hour outside.

9:25 PM (of Wednesday, June 3rd 2020)


Today is Tuesday, June 2nd 2020, and I had a pretty good sleep the night before. I woke up around 7 AM today, I think. I didn't have much to do in the morning, so I just went out for a walk. I probably walked for around an hour, taking around 6000 steps.


After that was work. I don't recall much of what I did today to be honest, I didn't have a 3 hour meeting like yesterday. I think it was overall a productive day though.

Driving Around

After work I went out for a drive, going to the closest "cities" in my area. I live in a very suburban location, you have one area with homes and then just some store centers a few miles away. There's not any major city "hubs" in this region like New York or Los Angeles or Chicago, where the entire place is a city. I would say Washington D.C. is a city, a very big one, and I live maybe one and a half hours away, so I wasn't going to drive that far to get there. Other than that, I wouldn't say any place near me would be considered a city like the other real cities I mentioned.

Anyway I just drove around to one nearby "city" (it's like 8 blocks at the most of tall buildings), which is such a small place that you can drive through the entire "city" in under a minute if there weren't any stops. It's the citiest city in the area I know of, though it's not really a city. Anyway there weren't any protests or riots going on here. No broken glasses, no burned down buildings, no people out on the streets.

I just wanted to see if there was anything because I've been seeing a lot of worldwide riots in the news in several states and even other countries. In my area though, it was so calm and nothing was going on. I drove several miles too, driving through some nostalgic locations. There was nothing going on, just people going about their daily lives.

Later that night I would see in the news that Washington D.C. had a lot of riots, although it's a bit over an hour away from me. I had a friend who told me he wanted to go but was afraid of contacting the virus, so he just stayed home.

Walking Some More

I walked around some more after driving around. I have no idea why, but I went home I think just after a single lap. I think it was getting dark out, and I just didn't feel like being out in the neighborhood anymore, so I went home after just one lap around the neighborhood.


I spent the rest of the night doing entertainment activities. I know this because I got nothing done, nothing of note anyway.

That was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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