Feb. 26, 2023


I’m a little late for todays journal but oh well I don’t regret finishing my book. Today was alright, I’ve had better days. I woke up with this thing I don’t know how to explain but I felt a headache coming and I was worried. I tried to continue on with my day and try to calm down if it was stress that triggered it and also ate if it was because I was hungry but it came. Then I napped to get rid of it but it continued so I just took a pill. After eating pozole and tostadas while watching a mukbang I was okay. Sadly, I couldn’t get any work done today with that stupid headache but it’s okay I’ll try later today. My mom wanted me to watch a movie with her and I did but she kept getting mad because the dog was getting mad and she wasn’t in her right state of mind so I got frustrated and just went to my bed and read. I was like halfway done and finished like a few minutes ago and now onto finishing my other book. I’ll do that l during school not now I need sleep so I don’t ruin my sleep schedule.

I hope today goes good honestly but I feel like crap and I don’t know if it’s my period or the rain but it’s just really bad that I want to skip school monday. I think I should honestly because I’ve been going to school nonstop and not really taking a mental health day. But if I stay then I think my older brother will be here and he’s already a pain to deal with. If I do stay I’ll try not to mind it. I’m honestly so exhausted it’s just I don’t know. I feel like time is running out and it’s suffocating me sometimes I can’t even breath properly. I’m just blaming myself for feeling ill today when I know it’s not my fault. I’ll just have to accept that and just take a moment to breath.

To do for today:

  • Do 1-3 questions for history
  • Do 3-4 slides for Culinary
  • Clean

If I don’t get much done today it’s okay. As long as I tried my best and have no regrets I’ll be okay. I’ll be fine as long as I do something.

Written by ckh2k6

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