June 3, 2020

A beautiful view

I'm one of those kids that are always moving around. Never really had a permanent home, due to my parent's job. but here's the thing, I actually don't mind. Growing up, I learned to embrace this kind of living to choose only few good relationships that can last or will be treasured as I move along. Also it made me very independent and adaptable to life.

There is beauty in moving around. I get to meet many people, regardless beliefs, races, traditions or backgrounds. I get to see things outside the box, n in a way, I get to kinda like travel haha, although it's still within the state (we have quite a large one)

Recently, just moved to another place. Haven't been able to get here since I was still in my university, studying. Yet when the pandemic happened and we were mostly sent back home, I'm finally here.

This is only a few metres from my home :3

Written by elvena_art

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Posted On Jun 04, 2020

That's a nice view, for it to be so close too makes it even better! I live in one of the smallest states in terms of square miles, and it still usually takes ~6+ hours to go from the top to the bottom (which is smaller than side to side, but rarely anyone drives side to side). And even though it's one of the smallest states, it's still pretty massive from my perspective, I can only imagine what living in a larger state is like.

Posted On Jun 22, 2020

@JustMegawatt Thank you! your place seems interesting. I've never been in such a small (n it gives out a comfy feeling) place like yours. I've only lived in an island before (only for around 2 years), that's the smallest place I've ever been haha.

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