March 7, 2023

Late Night

So I’m supposed to be asleep but whatever. Today I woke up not feeling good or bad. I just got up and focused really quickly which was cool. I was chilling had some breakfast while I got ready. English was easy. We did a google form a check in and we had to take notes. I was letting a friend borrow my laptop since theirs doesn’t work and so I did the form on my phone and finished the notes a few hours ago. I was making sure my friends weren’t slacking off and were actually doing their assignments. I also studied for calc. Then in Esports we took some notes and it wasn’t bad. Most of the time was me chatting with my friend about them and other stuff I don’t want to mention. Then it was time for Bio…. the FRQ wasn’t actually that bad. The second part of the first question stumped me but I skipped it and moved on. The second question had stuff that I knew so I did it with ease since it was the same as the extra credit assignment she did. Thankfully I did it or else I would have been clueless Then the last question was very long. I feel pretty confident and even did the last two extra credit questions and once I did them I went back to the second part of the first question and kind of wrote whatever. Then I finished and waited for the bell to ring. I went outside the classroom and chilled with another friend since we were waiting for my friend that was still taking the FRQ and while I was waiting I was talking to another classmate. I feel pretty confident in my answers and think I’ll get a 30/30 hopefully. Then when the gang was all together we went to the classroom of our favorite teacher and talked about Attack on Titan again. Lunch was pretty short like fifteen minutes because friend was taking the quiz. Then I got to homeroom and wanted to start on taking notes for Bio but we had a guest speaker. I was sleepy but what we are going to be doing will be helpful for me. It’s basically just getting better at writing stories for college essays and stuff. I think it will be useful. Then I went to culinary and it was alright. We did this thing that I don’t know how to do so I’ll ask Thursday. I also worked on an essay for English.

When I got home, I ate and chilled for a bit. Then I got to cleaning which wasn’t much because my dad did the dishes and I cleaned yesterday. Then I got started on watching a video for Calc to study which I need to finish tomorrow in the morning or before the quiz. I didn’t finish since I was tired so I started doing the english notes and finished in like twenty minutes. Then I also took notes for Bio. That took a while since I was listening to music and got carried away with my vocals. Then I went into the shower, got out, and made my lunch and breakfast for tomorrow. Then I washed my face and brushed my teeth and here we are. So far, I’m feeling great, sleepy but great. I’m almost done with all of my assignments. All Im missing are the three essays but I think I can manage. I just need to not be assigned stuff one day so I can do them. If not I’ll have to wait until the weekend. If I have time during Library tomorrow I’ll also work on it then.

So tomorrow:

  • Work on Argumentative Essay
  • Any other work due

I’m glad all I’m missing is the essays but I think I’ll manage I’m pretty excited to actually work on them. So I will go to sleep now and tomorrow when I wake up I will read. Good night!

Written by ckh2k6

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