March 8, 2023

It’s Official

It’s official. I’ve ruined my sleeping schedule. I sleep late but wake up early which means I don’t get my ideal sleeping time. And then I sleep in. I think I’ll change my sleep schedule because I set these standards for myself and I can’t meet them. I’ll attempt for another week and if I can’t then I’ll adapt it. So today was alright. I overslept but I got ready on time. I was pretty tired and it was worse because in History we took notes. I listened to some music to wake me up and it worked a bit. Then in Library I began on the History homework which was just to annotate and answer a few questions. I finished annotating and started on a few question. Then I did the Latin American assignments and went to lunch. I ate in the field and just talked about anime and other stuff with friends. It was nice because I hung out with this an acquaintance and got to know each other a bit more. In Advisory I began to study for my Calc quiz and I was beginning to stress because I didn’t understand one of the topics which was the Extreme Value Theorem.

Finally, it was time for Calc. We did a warm up and I got the questions right but I did need to look back at my notes. After the warm up, we got started on the quiz and it was only three questions which wasn’t bad. I understood it thanks to the warm up and was the first to finish. Then, I started on my Calc homework. After, I had book club and I had my friend join. I’ll ask them what they thought of it since I didn’t really ask them about their experience. We had some snacks and did a kahoot. Then I had to walk home because my dad got there late and he said I could just walk home. I was a little annoyed but walked it off, literally. That was not funny.

I got home, facetimed my friend and started doing homework. I finished the Calc video but now I need to take notes, I’m halfway done with them. I was going to do History but not anymore. I’ll finish it tomorrow. I also helped my friend with their homework. They’re a little behind and I try to help them catch up because I know they have personal problems to deal with so I try my best to help them finish assignments. So far, they turned in one!!! I also gave them the answers to my other assignments so that they could refer to it. I know my friend wouldn’t straight out copy me so I trust them. They’ll do the assignment and if they get stuck they use my answers to guide them.

So tomorrow:

  • Finish math notes
  • Answer questions for History
  • Work on the Essay

Working on the essays has been difficult as I get more assignments given to me. It’s not much but I have other things to do at home like chores and taking care of the pets and clubs. I try to manage but I’ll finish my other assignments Friday and then work on the essays on the weekend! Good night!

Written by ckh2k6

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Posted On Mar 10, 2023

Keep going. You can fix your sleep schedule. And also focus on your tasks at home and school. You've got this. :)

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