March 2, 2020




Seit einigen Tagen sch...

Hmm, maybe better in English.

I am writing with someone called Christoph for a few days now on Slowly (he wrote a letter on Saturday i think) and he's an interesting person. In some way he reminds me of the one I know, but that one isn't really interested in ancient languages like he is. His letters are always long and interesting. How he said, he's happy that there are still persons who don't write "one-fits-all-cookiecutter mails" or write in the first letter they won't answer in less than a week or don't know what to write. Also he said we're one of the few ones there who give a point in ancient greek. I don't know if it was a misunderstanding or so, but i have one for modern greek, ancient was interested but it's not thaaat important.

I like to read his letters. I have a assurance that he'll answer so :)

Today we had sports and of course i didn't do well. But i hope she sees that i try 😅

Circle training from Lennart and Sophie.

Next week i need to perform Zumba with Allyson. ///I need to practice/// . Mau.

In that conquer game i took over the last country - Germany of course, i couldn't choose to conquer it first. And then the game is over of course. So yeah i deleted it. Somehow sad but i just wanted to try it anyway, I don't really like war games. Bug it's better than the one where you need to erase humanity. Biology isn't my area anyway.

Tomorrow i might work on the art Challenge ^^ i asked Christoph (the other one) if there was the possibility for a key for me. I really, really hope it is. Should i pray? I mean... It may... Be of good service? Is it egoistic? I don't know... I like keys. Ah i need to wait fir Thursday to get my pen back😭 why am i so forgetful 😔😣 then I'll do the tasks old fashioned with pencils. Yeah, of course it's fun. Yesterday my father tried to draw cats. I drew one of his templates too. On my math homework, where else. Anyway, i got a few ✏️' from my mom but somehow i only use 2h, majorly at least. (Yes, if i shorten things, i use " ' " to show it's plural. ).

My pen pal Christoph wrote a letter, it'll arrive soon so i can't go to bed despite my headache. At least it's better by now.

Antio [Muffin Emoji]

Written by Plesi`

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