March 14, 2023

you are prey to be consumed

HGR and I bet on the outcome of this week’s raid. Specifically, I bet we would clear (we were “pretty close” last week); he bet we wouldn’t.

numbers, after Sunday’s session: “Well, you know, I feel like we got a little better at the mechanics today.”

HGR won the bet. I bought him a pizza.

Re-reading my old entries, I’m stunned that two weeks ago I said we were 75% competent at snakes 1. That seems a vast overestimation (even though I did not mean competency = clear rate). We’ve improved since then and I’d probably peg us at 60% competent. To be fair, I am dragging down the competency rate. I’m mostly okay at avoiding the gaze attacks. (It’s convenient when the snakes are contiguous, e.g., northwest-northeast; then I just look south to avoid the gaze, and adjust slightly to face north for the second set of snakes. However, when the snakes are doing something weird, e.g. south and west, or northwest and southeast, I’m more likely to get wires crossed. poison mid!! everyone out of the pool!!) But when petrifying a snake, I have trouble aiming my dumb cone correctly. So many times I swear I’m running directly toward the snake and the cone just spurts in a random wrong direction.

In spite of all this, we did get quite close to clearing (an upgrade from pretty close). We had an enrage that was like 51%-ish. We’re totally going to get him next week. Just watch.

Written by Achaius

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