March 17, 2023

Vacation came and went, back in the States again

6:17 AM (of Saturday, March 18th 2023)

That was really fast. I'm back in the States again after being in Europe for around 10 days, maybe even just 7 days. I really don't even remember all that much. I think we left the states on Thursday the 9th, and it's now the 17th or 18th, so really it wasn't even 10 days that we were gone. We basically traveled to England, stayed there for a day, then traveled to Spain and stayed there for the remaining rest of the time. The worst parts about the trips were the insanely long and boring plane rides. I hated those the most. I hate sitting on a plane longer than two hours just doing nothing.

Anyway the best parts were all the sights and experiences we had. I went to these places with my parents and they are both vegan / plant based as well, so we only ate at vegan restaurants and there were so many, and the foods there were so good. I uploaded these photos to Facebook and Twitter, and these posts would get over 100 likes or close to that each post on Facebook. That's crazy. On Twitter, some of these vegan food photos went viral and got thousands of views, some over 10,000 views, and hundreds of likes, and tens of retweets, lots of comments.

There's not really any world famous landmarks in Madrid, Spain, so we went to all the notable spots and they were awesome, but just not well known. In Barcelona though, there's several world famous places like Sagrada Familia, and that was fun to visit and look at. There was a famous architect called Gaudi and he made a lot of artistic looking buildings, most of which are in Barcelona I believe. I wonder why no one else makes buildings like him? Why are the rest of the buildings in Barcelona basically identical looking, and then Gaudi's buildings are these unique works of art buildings? It's so strange. I'm not an architect, but how come people don't just make similar designs as him? It's not profitable? They don't have his artistic genius? A combination of those? I don't know.

Anyway I'm posting some photos and food photos here. Overall the trip was a lot of fun. I could write about so many topics, the hotels we stayed at, my dad's birthday, and so on. But yeah. The photos should speak louder than words. Also I need to write a daily journal again. Maybe there should be a streak feature where if you write a journal and continue daily, it increments by one?

Written by JustMegawatt

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