March 18, 2023

Feels Good

So I woke up at like 10 today. And I slept so good it was amazing. I got up and chilled on my phone. When my family was up I washed my face and brushed my teeth and had some banana bread. I chilled some more and around one I got up and began to do my Bio assignment. When I was 1/3 done with it I ate and then after I went back to doing it. It wasn’t too bad it was pretty easy it just seemed difficult because there was so much on the website but I didn’t need to use all of it. I then was bored and was going to start cleaning but instead fixed up my storage on my phone because I wanted to wait a bit before cleaning since I had some banana bread again and I felt full. I then got started cleaning under the bed and listened to some self improvement videos and they were really good. It took me like two hours and thankfully I didn’t find spiders. I also got rid of some shoes my family didn’t use so the under there is much more better. It was a deep clean and I felt so good when I finished because I got it done and now I feel better. A clean environment is just one of the best feelings and I’m glad I’m making cleaning daily a habit. Then I got in the shower and started chatting with friends. It was funny because my friend spelled warrior as worrier. It was funny and me being tired made it even funnier. Then I brushed my teeth and now here I am about to sleep. I did Bio and cleaned but I feel really good today. I finished all my homework so I don’t need to do anything else but I guess the essays. They’re not mandatory it’s great practice but I don’t really wanna do it.

So tomorrow:

  • Try to work on Argumentative essay
  • Watch self improvement videos
  • Read

Good night!

Written by ckh2k6

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