June 4, 2020




10:04: We lost a friend yesterday. My sister had an argument with her, a really strange one. She was neutral and friendly and the friend just started questioning the bible with stuff that isn't even the topic. And all of that just because she finds that homosexuality isn't good. That's all. She doesn't judge any one and makes friends with all kinds of people. She doesn't tell them to change their mind or anything. It sounded like because she's that opinion - and only because of that - she's put into a drawer. I don't like that. You can not like something but still don't hate it and accept it. Later that friend randomly texted me and if I was also homophobic. I said I don't want to discuss or put into a drawer because of my opinion and that discusiion will not lead to anything and that she should know my opinion already. Then she wrote I was thinking of myself as something better (as a rhethotic question) and some phrase that sounds like she broke off friendship... Sad. I never intended to say I was better because I'm not. I just don't want to be thought of having charackteristics because my opinion that I don't have. It feels like she ignored my sisters good comments of respect and acceptance. But what can I do, if she wants that. Maybe it's better for me as well. Idk.

I found this funny video.


The music emphazizes it :laugh: .

My plants are growing :3 But the single seed in the other pot does not I think. I'll wait some time and then look what happened to it, maybe I have to plant that again. But I find the soil strange, which does not even make sense bc I used the same for the others as well.

10:39: There was a spider... building a net... in front of me over my desk from the pictures on the wall to some stuff on my desk...

I tried to get it out. I never considered myself as having Arachniphobia but... The way I put it out, I fear it crowling onto me!! I didn't, I must have looked silly with that paint brush trying to lead it outside. Then I wanted to bring out the spider under the windorse because it's bigger and if it's pregnant I'll have more spiders. And then the previous one came back in -.-

But then I saw them rolling down the outside windorse, so I think it'll take a while until it's back. Window is closed.

Now I'm writing down lyrics again to have it electronically.

18:10: I'm late for TK. We had flute lesson and she sent us a pdf. I was unprepared so I opened it on the computer but because we have to stand it was too low. So I sepnd some time moving books.

20:00: we played this point competition game. One category was music. I immediately guessed "the lion and the lamb" but then also said i want to confirm it first. Because i could mix it up with a different song, wanted to wait for the f a b f a c b d . It came, sooo. Also i guessed that Song "für den König" although i've heard it before but i don't really know that. The 100p question was from outbreakband "neu geboren". Maybe i've heard it, but the lyrics didn't sound familiar. Once the question was "Der schiefe Turm von...?" And i understand "So ist der Eifelturm"... Good that i didn't answer, i didn't because i thought that's a silly question, nearly everyone knows that. It was fun and in the end my team won, there because Saskia was faster in guessing the word. I couldn't because the internet get's bad everytime we have TK, that's not nice. And then it either breaks off completely or just a but then i still don't understand it. One task was to draw a TK Logo. Until I understood the word "Logo". I like mine, but Nadja's was showing the value of being together. I've put faith, hope and love into the word of TK, a dove behind it, then under it the words "faith.hope.love" with a fire behind, symbolizing the fire of the holy spirit and then a fish.

Now It's bedtime.

20:52: Okay, I wanted to go to bed. Then I saw thessaloniki youth was live. I watched that until the and. At first I thought they wered oing a bible study. No, they were discussing questions, was supposed to be funny. I didn't understand much but still enjoyed watching. Questions were like, what's you favourite quarantaine food, something with being popular at school, what would be the one food for live, something with being scared of an animal... and, whether you put milk or cereal first.

I'll definetly join again sometimes. Yes, they were so kind to translate that just for me :)


Written by Plesi`

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