March 25, 2023


Hello. So we’re back doing this on my phone so if there’s any typos just try your best to understand. Today, I woke up at nine and put my phone to charge and once it turned on I got on genshin impact to let it continue downloading. While I was waiting I turned on my laptop to start doing my homework. Well, I tried. I made sure I logged into the correct account and went onto Temu to look at stuff. Then I did get started on my homework. I started on the cover art and I was going to draw it but I was like nah and so I used canva to make it. I gotta say I went off. It was easy to create cover art and I had like four options. Then, when I finished I asked my group mates and other friends for their opinions and we settled on the first design I made. I was going to do my calc flashcards but then I didn’t know how to make them and then I messed them up and got angry. After, I had some food and I watched the first episode of season one of Next Level Chef. Once that happened, I went on Temu again and then actually bought something. Then I got started on homework again. I worked on english. I said I was going to draft my second and third paragraph but I ended up finishing the whole thing in like three hours. I did get distracted a little which is why it took so long. But the drafting was easy as I had already planned what I was going to say. The fourth paragraph I planned in like five minutes and finished in line 10. The conclusion was a little difficult for me and so I watched a few videos and ultimately I got it done. Tomorrow, I’m going to revise it to make sure it’s good for submission. After, I went on instagram and spoke to some friends. Then, I read my webtoons and went to check on my packages i’ve previously ordered on temu. After that I watched some TV with my mom while also working on extra credit for History. I was making an instagram account on Canva which is extra credit for our project. I was bored and so decided why not. I liked the movie as it was action. I think it’s called Final Score where this guy went to a soccer game with his niece and then there turned out to be some russian guys that were looking for someone and set up bombs. It was cool and funny sometimes. Before that, my mom was watching Coco and I started watching when they found out Miguel and the guy were related. I finished up the instagram thingy and then was going to make a “post” but I was tired and I still am. I’m going to sleep after this. Then, I fixed my bed and got ready for bed and applied some lotion and chapstick because I was DRY. And now here I am writing this journal. I don’t remember too much in detail what happened but I did gk from feeling bad about myself to good because I finished my essay and history assignment and even did extra credit for history. I wish I had finished Calc though but I can do that for tomorrow. I also just realized that I have a Bio quiz monday and I need to study. I can’t believe I forgot about that. Anyways, I need tk sleep now.

So tomorrow:

  • Revise Essay
  • Finish flashcards for Calc + Study
  • Study for Bio

Thats all I really need to do. Tomorrow I can try working on History more. I’m completely done but I can try doing a bit more because why not. Other than that there’s not much for me to do which I’m happy about. I think the flashcards and studying for Bio will be a little difficult but I’ll try getting it done quickly tomorrow. I’ll finish up my homework and then just chill. I’m going to sleep now. Good night!

Written by ckh2k6

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