March 29, 2023

Wednesday worries

Going to see what will hopefully be my new apartment today! Super excited. The viewing is at 2:30 and my manager has given me permission to take a bit of a half day, which I really need to be quite honest. All the driving I do is exhausting and looking for an apartment has also been quite tiresome, with my boyfriend out of the country it's difficult for him to be much help aside from filling out applications.

I am feeling quite burnt out and struggling to focus. This weekend is the first weekend in a while that I don't have anything going on so I am hoping to use that time to recenter myself. I'd love to start doing daily meditations but I find there is no where in my house that feels tranquil enough. I think I need to spend more time cleaning and purging my room to make it a more Zen zone where I really can relax. Even being in my own room seems to stress me out lately.

I have started trying to workout to help with the burn out but I worry it is burning me out more. Finding the time and energy to exercise and get everything else done is so difficult. Bf and I have started a competition using our apple watches to see who can close all of our rings everyday. I am winning so far! I like this little friendly competition because it gives me a little extra motivation because I just like to win haha!

Written by awesomesocks96

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