June 5, 2020




15:44: I forgot to put out the candles for mom and noticed that when I wrote down the date for the English exam. When I came home there was a big Ochidee and some cake. It looked goood.

I planted the seed again, this tieme two. And then I put one into the pot where the Cosmos are in. Let's see what happens. May I consider it as an Experiment?

Lea totally forgot we'd met today. So we'll do it somehwen else.

16:22: Just spend some time cleaning the keyboard. I don't know if I want to learn it, but if, I can't leave the notes there of what key is which note. At first I didn't know how to get rid of it as water didn't work. Then I remembered the Deo-trick. And it worked. The keyboard got a load of Deo. Now no one can say it smells bad :laugh: .

16:52: Have practiced a bit of piano. I still don't know.

Also, as I had alwready cleanded the music keyboard keys, I was cleaning the one of the electronic keyboard from that game too. Now it has these blue coloured lines on the number keys. I didn't clean it as good as the musical keyboard, but it looks nice somehow so that's okay. I guess Deo is the solution for markers now.

19:54: Trax live. And I finally understood that he _really_ wants to be with me and that I just can come to him and should not put my expectations back.

And now at the end of the bridge I looked outside... IT's Sunny!! There are still some grey clouds but it's sunny. I don't know if it is ore not, but somehow I have the feeling that this is not a coincidence. Wow!!!


Written by Plesi`

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