April 4, 2023

Technically Not Late

I’m not counting this as late because it just hit midnight and I haven’t slept yet. So hello. Today I woke up at 5 and like at 2 and kept looking for my cat but couldn’t find her. Once I was home alone, I started looking for her by shaking her food and walking around with it but I still couldn’t find her. While I was waiting, I was playing genshin impact a lot today. When my mom called tk tell me she was almost home with my dad I started cleaning. I forced myself to do it because I felt absolutely no motivation whatsoever. Then, my mom came home at like 4 with McDonalds and I ate it while watching Hell’s kitchen. I started to feel guilty about me having fun while my cat could be out there starving to death and I was googling a lot so that I knew how to find her. Then when everyone left again to work because my dad does Doordash and my mom has more than one job and my younger brother went with her and my older brother went in the morning. So I kept looking and at that point I started crying because it was so windy and she was probably so scared and hiding. A lot of things went through my mind there were so many possibilities. I kept food and water outside for her where the motion light sensor thingy is so that it could light up and I’d be able to bring her however the only thing setting the sensor off was the trees due to the strong winds. I needed to vent and so I texted a friend and was like hey can I talk to you? It’ll be depressing. And so I did voice message and was like doing that thing where you cried so hard you’re kind of hiccuping for air a lot. And so I spilled everything and the way they consoled me and just what they said made me cry again and I felt so relieved just pouring everything out and then I was feeling better and then my friends went on a college road trip and they sent me a video of their hotel room as YouTubers like I asked them to do and they actually went through with it. It made me smile and feel guilty. I closed my eyes to enhance my hearing so that I’m only focusing on one of my senses and then my older brother came home and then my mom. And I was almost asleep when my mom came home but she was like WE FOUND HER. And so I got UP AND PUT ON MT CHANCLES AND RANN. We lured her out with food and I snatched her so quickly she wouldn’t be able to react and then we got inside and gave her some food and water. And get this. SHE WAS WITH HER BABY DADDY!!!!! Unbelievable. I was out here thinking she got killed and rats were eating her body or she got ran over or she was out there hiding from predators and being scared. I’m baffled to say the least. But we said we were gonna get her a leash and I actually bought her some stuff on Temu in a rush because I needed to get that for her and just bought some other random stuff. And now I’m here. I’m honestly very tired and my eyes are super red but I wanted to spend some time with her and my brother was setting up her bed and she is grounded now and the other cat won’t be coming in as she’s going to give birth soon. And then I couldn’t sleep and so I was on insta reels and now I want to sleep. Anyways. I got nothing done because I was sad but in the end we found her and I’m so happy. I was debating homeschool because if this and feeling like I wouldn’t be able to function without her but I started thinking about me being an ambassador for my club and how I would miss my community but in the end she’s back and I’ll stay at school. Not like Inwould be able to do homeschool anyways. So yeah tomorrow we get started on beginning fresh again and I’m excited but I am also tired so do I will br going to sleep now and I’m actually typing this with my eyes closed and I feel like a pro right now because I just this is muscle memory so. I’m making some typos for sure thoight. Anyways, good night!!!$

Written by ckh2k6

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