April 11, 2023

Life update

I find that I am typically more anxious for certain situations than they ever require. I think I have a very bad case of imposter syndrome in which I never think any of the work I put in is enough. I have a bunch of sales on the go at the moment and have made more sales than a lot of the rest of the team, last week I even won a prize for being ahead of my goals in the first quarter. But I always find I am anxious to present at sales meetings because I feel like I have nothing to show. The head of sales is always impressed with me though. I also received a deposit on another boat today which is a bonus. I am trying to get more organized so that I can feel more at ease and feel like I am more prepared.

To keep with the theme of getting more organized, it is time for me to clean my room and help clean the house in preparation for my boyfriend coming to stay with us for a week before we get our apartment. We signed the lease last night and are set to move in on May 1st. I am super excited about this but it brings along a lot of problems as well. Such as buying furniture, cleaning supplies, decorations. There is a whole list of things, and then there is a matter of figuring out how to afford it. I haven't even started packing and I have been so exhausted lately I cannot even think about packing. I would really just like to sleep for a few days and just chill. We have booked and AirBnb for the weekend BF gets back so that we will have some time just the two of use before moving in with my family for a week. It should be really nice. I know it will all work out in the end but it is all a lot right now.

Written by awesomesocks96

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