June 7, 2020




10:56: I was late for prayer but when I joined, there was no audio. They were talking but I didn't hear it. Neither via headset nor speaker. There were no settings or anything. I don't know, for Hangout I'll use my laptop again.

13:09: Watched the online service of the Credo-Kirche, then we had Hangout and played Bingo Extreme. We went through all 24 numbers in random order and each numbr had a question, and if we can answer that with "yes" we can make a cross. I had 6 point. There were questions like "Did you cut your or someone elses hair?" or "did you make something with toilet paper rolls". Or "did you have at least once internet problems". Last question happens to ma a lot lately. We always had rather good internet, then it suddenly got unstable and now that we do everything online, at least during conferences like TK, it got worse.

Then I practiced a bit of piano and am currently listening to the service of the FeG. After that I'll watch the one of HopeCenterChurch. I'm curious to see which songs they chose.

21:34: Stefan invited me for tomorrows photography session. They'll be near where I live which is perfect, then I can stay a bit longer and won't miss KG.

Maybe I have to be in town to meet with my sister. Eventually. I don't know. Because of the bank, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't need an extra device. I mean, the bank will have one. Won't be a problem. I'd say. I'll ask her if she comes back from the bathroom. I don't really want to go.

Oh, I had made somekind of Aquarium. I had this package I didn't want to throw away so I drew two muffins on paper and another picture and put a cord on it, attached to the upper side of the package. Now it's Decór.


Written by Plesi`

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