June 6, 2020

Work, Walk, Work, Walk to 23,000 steps

6:52 AM (of Sunday, June 7th 2020)

Today is Saturday, June 6th 2020 and I didn't have anything planned for today other than walking a bunch of steps. I was planning on going for 40,000 steps and the plan was going to be so easy. The plan was just to go around my neighborhood taking 13,000 steps each in the morning, afternoon, and evening, so that the steps would be distributed throughout the day. I walked in a popular trail last week, and I easily encountered 500+ people after walking for 4 hours. There wasn't 6 feet of room apart from us either, so that was a health safety disaster waiting to happen.

Due to the risk from last week, I decided to do it around my neighborhood this time around. In the morning I encountered maybe ~10-20 people total, most of the people I saw outside were walking their dogs. I saw some people walking laps too, but they'd only do one or two laps before I stopped seeing them. I did like 20+ laps around the neighborhood in the morning. From around 8 or 9 AM to 11 AM. I really wasn't looking at the time when I started, it might have been 8:30 AM, but I'm not certain. I ended up taking ~13,000 steps though at quite a fast pace. Also during all my walks I wear a mask, so it gets very musty/sweaty from hours of walking and breathing.

After walking in the morning I came back home feeling pretty satisfied. When I got home I noticed I was tan. There were some tan lines on my feet where the sandals blocked it, whereas before I don't think there were any. I just took a break, I ate some breakfast, watched some videos, worked on some projects. I took a nap for around 30 minutes at 12:30 PM to 1 PM, and then I watched videos and worked on projects.

At 2:30 PM I went outside again, but this time I was only able to get around 800 steps, or one lap around the neighborhood. There was literally no one else outside. Zero people. I tried my best looking for other people walking or doing anything outdoors, that was the first thing I looked for after being outside for a few seconds, because it was hot. It was so hot outside. I think it was 95+ degrees Farenheit, and it was humid because it rained yesterday evening. Anyway there was no one else outside, and I really looked forward to going underneath the trees and/or other shady areas, because those felt so nice compared to the sun just burning me alive.

After doing half a lap in the neighborhood which was around 400 steps, I figured, yeah there's no point for me to be out here. There was zero other people. I just ended up doing the full lap and went back home. I do have a visible sight to two common jogging / walking / cycling paths from my bedroom window, and there was no one. No one in their sane mind would have been outside during this kind of heat.

Around 4 PM I did something regretful, an activity I actually do almost every day. It drained my energy though and maybe my motivation, which sucked. I felt like not doing anything afterwards and so I just watched videos I think, until 7 PM. At 7 PM I went out for a drive, a really boring drive. I have already been everywhere. I already went to a bunch of nostalgic places this year alone, and now when I visit them, it just feels like an annoyance, like I've already been here. I also tried going to some new places this year, roads I've driven by hundreds of times but never entered once, but a lot of these ended up in neighborhoods with dead ends, I didn't drive by any new places today. I just went out for a drive, and came back home shortly after.

When I got back home at around 8 PM, I parked, and then I walked around again. I only managed around 10,000 steps this time around. I just did not feel like walking anymore. I did think about a lot of things during the walk, such as what the heck was I doing with my life? And I think I brought a little more clarity to some things I was working on. I got back home maybe around 9 PM, it was already a little dark outside at that point, not all the way dark I think. There were a few other people I saw walking outside during this time, actually a lot more compared to in the morning.

When I got back home, I ate some dinner, and then I don't remember what I did after that. Oh I remember now, I just wasted time until I went to sleep. I watched some comedy videos and had a good time laughing while eating dinner. The only nap I took was at 12:30 PM, and by around 11 PM tonight I was so tired that I just went to sleep.

Written by JustMegawatt

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