March 2, 2020

Started Off Great, Ended Not As Planned


This morning I worked on just setting up my new operating system again since I reset it on Saturday. There was still a bunch of stuff that needed to be worked on, so I did that. I woke up around 6 AM and did that for around 3 hours, so that's what I did that morning and then I went to work.

Work was pretty much a normal day. The weather outside I thought was way too warm for winter, it felt like a warm spring day or a cool summer day, especially underneath the sun. Since this winter has been so warm, there being maybe 1 snow day the entire season, which then melted the next day I can already tell this summer's going to be very hot, unfortunately for the planet. Anyway I ended up walking around 7000 steps I think during lunch time and an afternoon break.

During work I talked to my co-worker who sits next to me a lot, I showed him Reckful's "what does 1 billion dollars look like" trick on a text editor, which I saw as one of the best videos I've seen, the first time I saw it back in around 2014. I didn't show him the video, I showed me doing that trick of showing what 1 billion dollars looks like. I was maybe 19 or 20 when I first saw that video, and at the time I felt like, yeah, I'm going to be making 1 billion dollars in the future. It's now 6 years later and I've woken up to the reality at how nearly impossible that would be. The minimum unit used is $100,000 and I don't even have that, to get a billion I would need 10,000 of those, which doesn't sound like a lot, but even getting 1 of those is hard, getting 10 of those is even harder, and getting 20 of those is harder still.

I think in my lifetime, realistically speaking, I think the most I would get if everything worked perfectly, is maybe 100 of those units. In my total lifetime. And another thing is, I wouldn't know what to do with all that money. It wouldn't bring me happiness because I wouldn't really buy anything with it. I can already afford everything I want, and even if I do want something, it doesn't mean I'll buy it. My lifestyle is pretty minimalist, most of my clothes are years old and they've pretty much been all gifted to me. I don't buy anything because there's nothing for me to buy. My cost of living for food is also pretty minimal, even though I do eat a lot, it's all just plants and very inexpensive. I guess rent is the only major expense, which I pay a huge chunk for.

But yeah, I think the reason why I'm not so desperate for money and why I'm not lusting after it so much, is because it wouldn't bring me anything. Sure I could retire early. Then what? I have this entire lifetime to live. What do I do with my infinite free time from retiring early? I could travel, but I think that's just more work, and it would pollute the planet a bit. So then I'll just stay at home. Then what? I'd probably play games all day since I already have all a billion dollars, why would I need to study or work or do anything else? I would probably end up donating all that money to charity, every single penny.

That's actually what I would do with that money, just donate it all, because I wouldn't even want it. And I'm a pretty fair person. If I had my own employees, I would give them a very fair share of the company, not like 0.00000001% share, but like equal amounts of what I would have. So if there was one employee, they'd get 50%, if there were three, we'd each get 33%. And this is why I would fail as a business person, being fair does not work. I have to be very greedy and have 99% ownership of the company, giving distributing the remaining 1% to the next 1000 people that join.

The equal share idea may be bad, it should be more like, more contribution equals more ownership. The more a person contributes, they own of the company. Contribution would be based on some key performance indicators. If they end up contributing the most, like creating a project that sells for millions if the kpi was revenue, and everyone else in the company only gets like $100 in sales, then this contributor would get 99% ownership. But then a year later another person gets 10 million sales, then they get 88% and the previous owner is reduced to 11%. I think that's a fair system and that might work. I don't think it's ever been tried though.

In the afternoon since the weather felt like spring, I thought it would be perfect to run, I had planned on running when I got home. However, I ended up not doing that, and I ended up procrastinating and watching hours of YouTube and Twitch instead, disappointing myself. I'm bringing gym clothes in tomorrow so I at least put some of this gym membership I'm paying for, to use.

Tomorrow I plan on having a much better, more productive day. I'm planning on running and finishing up a bunch of personal tasks. Is it possible? Let's see what happens.

Written by JustMegawatt

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