April 19, 2023

Busy Bee

Hello. I am pretty tired today. So I slept at like almost midnight and I woke up like at 6 something. I wanted to sleep more but didn't succeed. I remember being so comfy in bed though. To be honest I don't remember much abut today. Like I think something happened but I don't know if I'm mixing it up with another day. But I think today I couldn't get ready for school as early as I wanted to because everyone was using the bathroom. I know my younger brother woke up late today because he went to school on his skateboard instead of having my dad take him because he knew he was going to take a long time getting ready. So I got ready quickly and made sure the kittens were okay. They are so chonky oh my god. Tomorrow they turn two weeks. So I got to school and then was with my friends for a bit since I got to school 6 minutes before the first bell rang. So I had History first and we took notes and got an assignment. Then it was Library but I talked to my counselor instead at the office about college classes I wanted to take during the summer and fall which was health classes like medicine terminology and the law stuff the comes with it and health. It took longer than I expected and it was 16 minutes before class ended. So I got to the library and was surprised to see my friend next to the boy she has been crushing on in my class. I was shocked because I did not expect her to actually make her move but she did and so I was talking to my other friend that she came with about AP Calc and the classes we wanted to take next year since the counselors posted a form. And then my teacher saw what was happening and gave him something to send to someone and so my friend came back to us and I didn't want to ask anything because the class is quiet and she looked almost traumatized. So we were talking about the classes we wanted to take and other stuff. Then the bell rang and I stayed a bit in the Library because I wanted to walk with them but they were taking a while so I went to class instead. In Latin American we watched a movie about the Incas and Spanish and had to take notes. I was trying to get it done but them my friend turned off my laptop when I went to go throw something away as payback for what I did to him and then we started play fighting. He was poking me at the side of my stomach which gave me war flashbacks to middle school because this other kid would do the same thing to me. We ended up finishing though right before the bell rang and then it was lunch time. I went to hang out with my other group of friends and I watched Attorney Woo Young Woo with my friend who had started it. I already watched it and just wanted to watch it again because it was so cute. So I had my lunch and then it ended and we had to check in with our homeroom so they don't mark us absent. Then we came back and the meeting place was soooo full we had to pull out extra chairs but I'm glad it was full because before it was so empty. So we did that and they were presenting a chance for us to camp. I was intrigued and so were a lot of the people there but they said it cost money and like... none of s have $300. I also don't want to ask my family for money because I don't want to and then they said they were going to take phones away and while that is fine with me my parents want me to maintain communication with them at all times. Like when I go out I kind of have to tell them that I'm okay and stuff. They aren't strict they just want to know I'm okay and for me to communicate with them. So I couldn't do that. And then the meeting ended early and I went to my other friends to talk about what classes they wanted to take next year and we signed up for AP's together and almost the same electives. I hope I get the electives I chose because I do not want annoying electives like art or creative writing. The creative writing teacher I had for a little bit at the beginning of the year posts assignments everyday sometimes even two assignments everyday and I'm not trying to do that. And then I don't want art because in art classes they don't really let you have the freedom to just draw whatever. Like it has to be a certain theme and stuff and like I'm just tryna do whatever like make a cup out of clay or just throw paint around on a canvas and stuff. So yeah and then I don't want music because they are electives and I'm not trying to work hard for an elective and some of these teachers act like I don't have 8 other classes to do work for including AP's. I hope they reduce the amount of classes we get though because I'm tryna live my life and have fun and not have to do an assignment almost every single day for an elective. So yeah I also signed up for APs to reduce the amount of electives I get. I enjoy AP's because I enjoy learning and stuff and I take the ones that interest me. So yeah. Then it was 8th and I was tired. We were doing some examples and it was alright just very boring and then we have a worksheet which isn't bad because the answers are on the back. I just need to figure out how to get that answer. I'll do it tomorrow. So yeah that's all we did and then we have a quiz Friday. Speaking of quizzes I have a quiz tomorrow for Bio I believe. It's easy though and fun it's just punnet squares but more gametes so yeah. And then I had book club and we did a kahoot. A lot of people attended this time which was fun and then we got our new books. Oh also in Latin American my friend who sat next to her crush in Library told me what happened and she was like can I sit here and he was like sure and then she was like yo can I walk you to your next class and he was like I want to say not but like it's okay and then he said he had a girlfriend and so yeah. She said she's okay and I think it's a good thing because she gets closure and she did it instead of regretting and thinking about the what ifs so yeah. Oh and then in history my friend who I haven't spoken to since like January messaged me about a kpop idol who died and was baffled bro because it was so out of the blue. I feel so bad for the other group members because they probably feel guilty for not noticing he wasn't feeling well and could have prevented it from happening. But yeah it was sad. So then we also had popcorn for book club which was tasty but my stomach was not agreeing with me and I had to fart so bad but I couldn't. I let it slip out a few times though. But the new book is soooooo big oh my god. I am excited though because II said one of my goals this year was to read a book every week and I am so behind my like 8 weeks and so I need to catch up and I have a lot of books I need to read like Pride and Prejudice, Me Before You, the Percy Jackson series minus the first book and then the new book. So like in total 7 books but I also have more on Libby which is two more books so 9 but I also have two more on hold. So yeah. I want to read this weekend. So I got home and then I ate and watched some Hells Kitchen I got started on the first episode of season three and actually got fooled by the beginning when Ramsay said he was going to be nice. And then I washed my lunch box and had my meeting for AP Bio prep which lasted until 8 but I was mostly focusing on my Histoyr homework because it wasn't much and we were talking bout evolution which I know a bit about already. And so I finished history and was going to work on Culinary but I cleaned up instead because I haven't done so in a while and I got ready for bed and then I asked my parents if I could dorm at the college and they were skeptical. My dad said yes at first because he didn't think I was staying overnight and so I messaged my counselor telling him if he can contact my dad and answer his questions and worries. So yeah and now I am here. There's still a lot that needs to be done but tomorrow:

  • Do Calc Worksheet
  • AP Bio EC
  • Research for Culinary

I was thinking of doing the research in the morning because I already have the websites Im going to get the information from. My laptop is about to die and the kittens started crying and the cat ran to them immediately and it was so cute. They are so adorable. So yeah I might do it in the morning but I don't know if my dad is taking me to school. Either way my bags are packed so I don't need to worry about that I just need to charge my laptop. Tomorrow for English we are just gonna go over how the essays were actually graded and the reasoning. Oh my god my laptop turned off and I was so scared I lost all this writing because its been like half an hour I've been writing this. So yeah and then next week we are going to do another practice timed essay and so I will prepare for that. And then I know we are taking notes for Esports because they probably didn't do anything Tuesday since the majority of the class is juniors and they were testing. We are apparently cooking tomorrow the recipes assigned to us but I'm not to sure because sometimes he says we will and then we don't. Plus a lot of us haven't finished part one of the project so he might not have us cook so we can finish it first. It takes a lot of time doing a project though and it's difficult doing it in one class period. So yeah that's all. I'm going to catch up on my webtoons and then go to sleep. Also I said I was going to make coffee this morning but I was too lazy. Tomorrow I want to but hopefully I can because I forget I have breakfast in the fridge. So yeah. Good night!!

Written by ckh2k6

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