Feb. 21, 2020

21 Feb

Surprisingly, I was able to finish chapter 26 of the audio notes! If I keep up a chapter a day for tomorrow + Sunday, I'll be all caught up with audio notes. Finishing both tomorrow is a possibility, though. Either way, it'll be nice to have a near-complete second set of notes that I can continue to do as scheduled. This chapter (on WWII) was pretty lengthy; I'm curious to see what we'll actually get to talk about in class. Maybe I'll be talking by then! Highly unlikely, but I have still put some thought into going into small group. Very little. Should probably talk to the teacher more about it.

Alas, no progress yet on Rowana. There are still hours left in the day. Perhaps some of them will be dedicated to that increasingly frustrating story. I really need his feedback - but really, I need to get through this section and through Britain for feedback to really do well. Then again, just getting through this culture section might be enough? If I don't finish during break - and I certainly won't - I'll probably wait until he hands back the essays. Or later. It'd be better to have a complete draft this time, since I do know part of where I'm going. And stuff has been fixed since November. Just slow and steady progress. It's really frustrating, though - I just want to get to Britain. Except I suck at writing warfare. Might need to put some research into military history to make that section good - but he might be able to offer some advice.

Not much else happened today. Stayed home; put some thought into other things. Like polyphasic sleep. It's really interesting, and I wish I had done research and considered adapting to that before break. Maybe in April? The summer would be a much better time for that, though. Can't really afford more sleep deprivation during the school year. I did add alarms - back to normal wake-up-too-early-in-the-morning-because-school for me.

I did work on the audition, but saying that literally everybody else who got to perform in previous years had a lot of other experience. World tours, major orchestras, the like. The local school superstar made it last year, of course - so I really doubt my chances of making it. On the other hand, I'm probably the only bass clarinet auditioning, and I'm playing part of the cello suites, so that would be a unique thing.

Written by ash

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