April 21, 2023

weather report

The weather has been wild this month. Last week we had temps in the upper 70s and had to turn on the air conditioning before even doing taxes. (Dante beat me in the great tax race of 2023: he did his taxes on the morning of April 15, I did mine that evening. It was fine. Tax day landed on a Saturday, so there was an extension.) Then on Monday it snowed (non-accumulating flurries, but still) and we had to turn the heat back on. Glad the local tradition of a freak snowfall in April is still going strong. By now it’s back up to the 70s, and we’ve had severe thunderstorms the past couple days.

edit (4/22): It’s gotten cold again. Taking my daily walk to spin the pokestop of the day, I was shivering in my medium jacket. As I neared the train station, Pokemon Go gave me a hazardous weather alert. “What’s that about?” I thought. Then it started to hail. ok bloober

Written by Achaius

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