April 24, 2023

Thoughts on a Monday Morning

So BF came home and we spent an amazing weekend together in an Airbnb. When we finally made it to the Airbnb at 3:30pm after having picked him up at the airport at 7 am, we immediately laid down to cuddle. It was so nice to be together again. He just lights up my entire world. The whole weekend was spent talking about our future and telling each other how much we love each other. It sounds like we are starting to consider moving to France for a working Holiday. Which is a cool visa that most countries offer where you can stay and work in a country for up to two years while you are under the age of 30. Which is super exciting! The one problem with this plan is that neither of us is fluent in French yet! I am excited to try and learn though. I have zero fears about our future together and I know that whatever we do and wherever we end up, we will have so much fun!

It is such a wild experience to give love and receive that love back in return. Before him, I had never met someone who loved as fiercely and as freely as I do. I am so excited to learn and grow with him and move forward with our lives.

On another topic, I am struggling with work. There are a lot of parts of my job that I haven't had to do yet that I am a little worried about. I have never delivered a boat and now I have to deliver 2 next week which is a little intimidating. Especially because the boats that I am delivering, are delivering out of a different branch, where I don't know the water to take it on a test drive. I haven't even driven a boat yet this year, what if I mess up and crash into the dock? It's not a very good look to crash a $200,000 boat a customer has just bought.

I am also just considering whether this is a career that I actually want to continue to pursue. Or if I even want to stay in the industry. I don't think I am very much a working weekends kind of person. Especially in the summer. The funny thing about the Marine industry is that I joined it hoping it would provide a way for me to be closer to the cottage, but it seems that it is just going to keep me away from the cottage. I haven't really thought about what else I would do though. This has been all I wanted to do for the longest time. If I can get myself together and organized I think I have the opportunity to be really great at my job and really go places with it. This job basically offers me the opportunity to make as much money as I want. I just wish I could figure out how to get my brain working well enough for it to do what I know I can. The freedom that this job allows me in the winter would allow us to have a pretty great life with freedom and lots of travel.

Written by awesomesocks96

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