June 7, 2020

Productive Sunday, Bicycled with Friend

5:52 AM (of Monday, June 8th 2020)

Today is Sunday, June 7th 2020 and it was a very relaxing day. Overall I would say that the day was very productive, I didn't spend too much time on entertainment today.

Today I mainly worked on updating my portfolio and resume with some updated credentials, and that was pretty much it for the entire day. It doesn't sound like it should have taken much time at all, but I don't recall doing anything else. I may have watched some entertainment here and there, and I just didn't notice the time going by. But to me, that was the only thing I did for the majority of the day, and I had a good time with it too. It was quite fun and enjoyable to work on.

My friend texted me at around 5 PM asking if I wanted to go bicycling. I said sure, and I left home at around 6:40 PM or so, drove my bike over to his house and we went cycling for a bit. There were no hills in his area at all, none. It's weird how you can bicycle for miles in all different directions and have no challenging obstacles. In my area, just outside my neighborhood there are two difficult hills, within like a minute of each other, maybe two minutes. Then there's one longer hill that goes for like 20 minutes, or around 4000 steps walking up one way, so it's about 2 miles, and that's entirely uphill. Then if I go out of my way, I can reach "the hard hill" I keep writing about, that so far I have seen 0 other people do.

I want to see my friend try some of these hills in my area, he could probably do them but it would exhaust him. We actually did find some one hill in his area today, going really really out of our way to an area he hasn't been to before. Climbing that hill burned him out, and we had to take a break at the top. It was cool, a break at the top benefitted me too, but it wasn't hard for me to go up the hill at all. This hill we climbed was pretty easy compared to some in my area, and this was the only hill in his area. He said he would come to my area but he can't fit his bike in his car.

We also raced around a parking lot. I won one of the races and he won the other one. I was leading in both races, but I messed up on the second race by thinking I had made a wrong turn and braked a lot while asking if this was the right turn and he just passed me. Another factor that slowed me down was the turns, he said that was the only place he had an advantage because he took riskier turns and leaned out all the way, while I was a lot more cautious and I would brake a lot before each turn and also turn slowly He said he planned out the obstacle that way since that was the only way he could beat me, the obstacle was a square with 4 turns and 4 straights. In a straight or an uphill, he said himself he didn't stand a chance, but it was clever of him to plan out the turns where I was weakest. I told him his weakness was that he had a mountain bike, which he said was a bit slower but it gave him the advantage in turns due to thicker tires and more stability. I didn't tell him, but I had my own weakness with the mask I was wearing, this limited my air intake and I probably wouldn't be able to put out as much power as without a mask.

After that we bicycled back to his home, and then I put my bike in my car and went home. At home I just ate dinner while watching some entertainment, and then I went to sleep. I went to sleep pretty early since I didn't feel like doing anything else.

Written by JustMegawatt

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