April 26, 2023

your feeble flame must be snuffed out

(HGR) i predict we do not clear today

(HGR) wait thats kind of gauche

(HGR) nvm we're doin it


True to form, we did not clear Hephaistos 2 this weekend. We got past Ego Death (I was right! we really did have to [redacted]) and then the Evil Earth started doing its thing and everything fell apart. The tower stuff seems like it’ll be straightforward once we practice it a few more times. Granted, I have the easiest position on the team: when it’s my turn to grab a tower, I always get the rightmost one. Luis is flex, so he has to see whether he’s in the same grouping as me and adjust accordingly.

We got 17% and 13% enrages, which is better than it sounds, since everyone gets a massive damage up buff after clearing Ego Death. (If you die after that, you lose the buff. HGR said the fight is basically unwinnable if any dps dies in the early stages of Dominion.) Point is, we’re close™. We’ll get him next time.

Written by Achaius

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