June 8, 2020

It was all just so easy

Once again, you cut me off.

After I held on to your slimmest whisper that

you still want us

I opened my heart to you again

after I decided to let us go knowing that you also had.

But then

you said,

in the end,

what matters is only how you feel about us

not the analysis of others

You said

at the end of a day

when you were alone

in the apartment

you just miss me

But once again,

it is just too easy for you to throw all this away

Your insecurity

Your lack of self-esteem

Your inability of love

You have eventually chosen to give in.

Once I thought,

I couldn't find love without you

But now I see,

you are not love

far from real love

how can I give up.what I was looking for, when

I haven't found it yet.

When I tell the story as a third person,

I start to realize how silly it was.

We are not the ones that we thought we were looking for.

It doesn't matter how the story ends

Never forget what you are looking for.

Written by JlvL

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