April 28, 2023

Appreciate the little things

Super exciting things happening! Yesterday my partner and I bought our first piece of furniture for our apartment, we are going to pick it up today after work. I had a doctors appointment in which my doctor told me I am looking great and to keep up the good work taking care of myself. So that was some great news, after all the health issues I have had in the past year it is always great to hear my doctors tell me how wonderful I am doing.

Lately my parents have been really struggling, my dad had a shoulder surgery about a month ago and is still recovering which has put a lot of strain on my mother to do everything around the house. They are also cooking dinner for my grandparents a half hour away 4 nights a week. After I explained this to my partner, he suggested that we start cooking dinner for my parents one night a week when they are home. He is the one that does all the cooking, I am not much of a cook at all, which means he is offering to cook for them once a week. It makes me so happy and makes me feel so loved that he wants to do this for my family. He is really excited to get to know them better.

I think it is really something special to find someone who cares not only about me but about my family as well. I struggle to find the words sometimes to let him know how much I appreciate him. He has such a massive capacity for love and I only hope that I can continue to be deserving of that love. We've recently started talking about marriage. Our ideas of what a marriage should be all seem to really line up and as a person who has dreamed of my wedding day since I was about 4, it is really exciting to me to be talking about planning a wedding. I am beyond happy! There are not enough words to describe the way I feel about him and the joy that he brings to my life.

Written by awesomesocks96

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