April 29, 2023

two-cat morning and a pie

Another week, another office day. It was a two-cat morning (the orange tabby and white-and-orange cat were looking out the window in apartment #1; the windowside cat bed was empty in apartment #2). The theoretical max is four, but I’ve never seen all four cats in a single trip.

Office is a ghost town today, just how I like it. A contradiction: I enjoy a bustling, crowded downtown, but an office all to myself. Not a financially sensible arrangement, but I’m not paid to care.

Maybe things are changing. Who knows. For instance: The annual Cinco De Mayo party is traditionally a big deal. Rodolfo goes all out decorating the floor. There’s tamales, Mexican pastries, salsa and chips, homemade brownies and cookies, etc. For the past three years, we’ve just gotten an email “Happy Cinco De Mayo!” with a picture of food. It’s rather sad. This year there’s going to be an in-person party. Attendees are requested to RSVP so the organizers can get an approximate head count. I’m not going—pandemic aside, it’s not so good that it’s worth the commute—but is it a sign of things to come?

Had an Australian savory pie for lunch in honor of basketball season. A few years ago we were watching an Australian basketball stream that played an incredibly obnoxious pie ad during nearly every commercial break. Instant meme status. But it also worked, because last night I was watching the playoffs with numbers and HGR, and it put me in the mood for a pie.

Kinda depressing to walk across from the train tracks and see all the closed restaurants I used to frequent. Kebab shop: closed. Sushi & ramen joint: closed. Chinese takeout place: closed. (Okay, I never went there, but I would’ve tried it out after my favorite takeout place closed if they hadn’t closed first.) Arby’s is still open though. I’m sure HGR and Dante would say that’s what really matters.

Written by Achaius

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