April 30, 2023


Hello. So I woke up at 5. The kittens were coming out and I wasn’t too bad about waking up at 5. I was chilling with the kittens and at around 5:30 started trying to get to work. I however could not find my stylus and I write down my notes for Bio on my laptop using onenote and I tried using something else but it wasn’t working and I looked under the bed and couldn’t find it. I finally just gave up and I was frustrated and then I started reading. I finished maybe you should talk to someone and started reading Love Hypothesis and I like it so far. I read up until around 11 when the kittens were all out and then J even had one sleeping with me for a bit and then had all three on my bed including mom. They were good except for the Black one who’s very… needy. She’s always moving around and the other two fell asleep easily. Then it was time for me to eat and I lowered the kittens into the box so they wouldn’t fall and then I ate. After at like 1 J decided to start doing my notes. Oh I forgot to mention my younger brother was on the bed with me making sure they didn’t fall off and then he told me that his phone dropped on my bed in the morning and r that he dropped something else and it ended up being my stylus and I was idiots hevause I was looking for it and getting my hands dirty. But anyways I started on notes and then watched a bit of Masterchef and Next Level Chef since I had to do notes and was just watching it for me and for my mom since she liked those shows. Oh my god almost kncoedn our. Okay so then at like 3:10 J finished 6.4 and then started getting ready to go out and then my friends were outside my house and I still wasn’t ready and was supposed to pick my friend up but instead they came to me and I felt bad. then we picked up a friend of ours and walked back to the hair. We got on the rides and my friend got dizzy and nauseous from the first one and we kept going and we got them some soda to help but they still kept going until they couldn’t no more. I felt bad and was making sure they were okay and they would tell me they were and then it would be bad when we got on. I wish they would’ve taken more time to kind of feel better and stuff because they get deck with motion and we couldn’t sit out on the rides. But they went home and my other friend went home and then it was just me and my two other friends and we sold our tickets to okau those ring tossing games and all that and then we played and won some stuff and then my friend left so it wa die and this other friend and we just went on one ride but it took a long time since the line was long and then we went to get tacos and my mom came to pick me up but then I had to go back to from where I was because my brother wanted something from seven eleven and then we got home and I ate and the prepared my stuff for school and all that. I wa every tired and my feet hurt from standing but it was fun. Some rides were disappointing tho since they weren’t that thrilling. And now I’m here. The kittens are out and I’m very tired right now.

So tomorrow:

  • Finish Calc
  • Finish Unit 6

Good night! I think I will work on the thingy tomorrow morning for AP bio

Written by ckh2k6

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