June 8, 2020

Normal Monday, Workday

11:53 PM

Today has been a pretty good and normal day. I woke up this morning, worked on some projects, ate some breakfast, and then started work.

I'm working from home right now due to the quarantines, and I can see some paths from my bedroom window that are normally very popular among walkers, cyclists, joggers, etc. I think today it was so hot, that there just weren't that many people outside. It was the same thing on Saturday, and the reason why I didn't walk as many steps as I had planned on Saturday, was because of how hot it was.

After work I worked on and studied some things. I didn't spend much time on entertainment today, except when I was eating. There's not really that much else to watch I think, and I'm so used to watching something while I'm eating that it's become a habit to do that.

Anyway that was pretty much my entire day today. I didn't go out for bicycling or even go out for a walk. I was just home the entire time, working on some things here and there. It was a pretty normal day.

Written by JustMegawatt

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